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Taking back your power from the narratives around Mother’s Day

Reclaiming you and your power on mothers day

Take back your day, your power and yourself from the advertising and talk around Mother’s Day.

I woke up this morning, Mother’s Day, here in the UK and I found myself rolling my eyes at the complexity of this day. Did I really want to buy into it? What meaning was I putting on it?

What power are you giving away to this day? Breathe, take it back.

I thought of all the women I’ve supported who will be celebrating their first mother’s day and all the emotions this brings. All the women who are yet to meet their babies and those who have experienced loss.

All the women whose relationship with their mother is testing and fragile, those whose needs weren’t met by their own mothers when they were younger and now and those whose mum’s are no longer here.

I thought of my own mum and my 5 babies in spirit and my two brilliant boys very much here.  

What on earth is this mother’s day thing all about I asked?

 This PR Constructed Mother’s Day feels like another way to create division.

Mother’s Day creates huge amounts of pressure to buy stuff, to do the ‘right’ thing as advertising and narrative dictate it to be. But it can also create sadness, loss, feeling left out, different, lack and lack of faith, division, not good enough, torn between ‘should’ celebrating your mother when underneath there’s unsaid resentments and hurts from not having your needs met as a child.  It can bring up guilt, regret, jealousy and so much more.

Wherever you are on your journey to motherhood, whether your babies are in your arms or in your hearts and thoughts you are an incredibly powerful portal of love who creates life. A column of light to allow in the new, new energies and possibilities, and if you wish, with grace, new life.

You are a mum from the first thought you have about the possibility. Wherever your babies are, you ARE a powerful, creative, magnificent and magical women who is so much more than you may feel right now.

Celebrate and honour yourself and all aspects of you every day. We don’t need a PR created day to do this, the opposite in fact. Yes Mother’s Day allows for people to stop and think about the mother energy and I wish this to be joyful for each and every person.

It’s gorgeous when you celebrate your first mother’s day, particularly after years of challenges and I bless all you mum’s and babies who have arrived this year with so much joy.

Let’s encompass all women. Fabulous, amazing, strong women who love through joy and through pain. Who are continually growing and emerging from years of pressure of who they should be and who they shouldn’t.  

Spirit once said to me, don’t be angry at the ‘system’ – be grateful for what it’s showing you and where your wounds are. Be in your power to recognise the wounds that may come up around today and transform them to become even stronger in yourself.

What power are you giving away to this day. Breathe, take it back.

Celebrate your joys and notice the triggers.

 Most of all, notice you, feel the bubbling truth of who you are underneath it all.  

You’re frickin amazing, just the way you are.

With love

Debra x


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