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Message from Source/Creator on Resurrection – what does this word mean to you?

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Resurrection – A message from Source/Creator

Happy Easter to you all!  A time of the year for celebrating renewal, rebirth and fertility – no matter what your religious beliefs or background.

The story of the resurrection for me is a message to us all that no one and no thing ever truly dies. On a physical level we can rebirth ourselves in every moment and certainly every day is an opportunity for a fresh start. As we make different choices, let go of old patterns that are holding us back, we can resurrect our truest selves.

What if we didn’t get stuck in the image of Christ on the Cross which creates fear but instead  focused on the resurrection, rebirth, renewal? How different would the world be?

We’ve been trained to believe resurrection is about pain, suffering, sacrifice, physical death. We’ve been trained to believe if Christ is love – then love equals humiliation, betrayal, pain and suffering. In which case why on earth would we love ourselves fully? Maybe it’s hard to love ourselves because of this deep seated, hidden fear?

Check in on if this feels true to you – or is it someone else’s that you’ve grown up  with. What if this was a death of old patterns and conditioned beliefs that left us feeling more free with who we are?

In a wider sense, whether it’s religion or science we turn to, the fact is, we are energy – energy can never be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. I personally believe and have experienced this to be true through the work I do between worlds in the realms of life before life and life after death – particularly with the baby spirit world and communicating with the energy of beautiful babies in spirit and future babies.

We’re all being asked to be discerning right now and discover our own Truth.  Below is a message from Creator/Source/All that is/God – however you describe this energy of unconditional love – on resurrection.

The message:

“The term resurrection can mean many things to many different people depending on their background of culture or religion. What is it that it means to you and this will be your answer. If you are asking however of the resurrection that is taking place right now, then that is a very different answer and a reasonably lengthy one that I will keep as simple and straightforward as possible.

For the truth is every day is a resurrection. It is a resurrection of a new day, it is a resurrection of a new dawn and a new sense of possibility to create and recreate whatever it is you wish to resurrect. Whatever experience or feeling you wish to once again feel. For there is indeed resurrection in each and every day, if not in each and every moment of your lives here on earth.

For however much you feel you are in groundhog day, for many of you, this simply is not the case. It is simply only a case that you are not seeing the possibility of yourselves or seeing the possibilities of this life on earth to create and co-create. To see beyond the physical and the mental streams of information that are coming to you, to see the full resurrection of the self in each and every moment that passes. For it is each and every moment that you have this ability to change your mind, change your attitude, change your experience to one that matters more to you, makes more sense to you at your core rather than the bombardment of everyone else’s attitude towards you or to you.

For is it not resurrection that you are aiming for? To resurrect the self? To resurrect those parts of you that have long been dying or dwindling away as you have thus far failed to notice that they are there. Failed to notice that you are indeed the all and everything of the all and everything and therefore can have and be the all the everything of the all and everything? Is this not resurrection? To resurrect all that you have ever been and now bring it back into the core of you? For you are nothing more and nothing less then you have ever been, no matter whether this is in this life or the past life of you that you are choosing to resurrect in this moment.

Is this not the beauty and glory of resurrection? That all we are doing here on this planet is resurrecting all that has ever been but long since forgotten? And this brings me to my point of why has it been forgotten in the first place. And for this there are many reasons. The first reason being that you have simply forgotten because this is the way it was meant to be. For if you were to arrive carrying all of your knowledge and wisdom in one fell swoop then where would be the fun in that? The fun in remembering who we are and the fun we have bringing about the resurrection?

Even Jesus had to go through the process of remembering in order to go fully through his resurrection process, the resurrection process of which you now believe to be the resurrection of the body. Yet it is not that he came back to life in the body that held him for all those years before the cross, he simply came back into form in a new and different way because the truth is he never went anywhere. He was always here and he was always there and he was always with you no matter whether he was in matter. [body] or not in matter [body]

This is in fact the simplest form of resurrection, you have merely made it and created it to be the harshest and hardest form of resurrection. Because of course you can all ‘come back’ and whether that be into another form or another body is entirely the choice of you and not the choice of a God external or otherwise, it is simply a choice. Because the truth is you never went anywhere, you are merely choosing to resurrect yourselves as the form you now wish to be in.

And we are tired of telling you humans this because there is so much fear that has been placed around this form of resurrection. The fear of loss, the fear of heartache, the fear of a love never again to be given, and yet these are the exact fears you are choosing to, wishing to experience as part of your very own resurrection back to the self that always was and always will be.

Do you see the irony of this and the duality of this? For once you are fully in resurrection, there is no need to experience the fear around it. And so you are all growing, all of you, ever closer to this truth and the playground of love that this current earth life is bringing you.

There is another type of resurrection, the resurrection of the planets and the resurrection of the earth herself to all her former glory, And so the resurrection taking place on a planetary level is this resurrection of balance between all things, between all planets, between all humans as each and everyone finds their course back to their own true God, back to Me, which is You.”

And so it is


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