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Opening the Pathway to Empowered IVF and assisted Conception. A 3 day journey to empowered conception and connection with your future baby.

Opening the Pathway to Empowered IVF and Assisted Conception

A 3 day journey

preparing for IVF and assisted conception.

Towards empowered conception and connection with your future baby.

​Opening the pathway to Empowered IVF and assisted conception

Conception is more than a physical act. There is so much more going on behind the scenes spiritually and energetically between you and your baby, your partner or donor and your fertility clinic.

Balancing and connecting with all parts of you and your journey can really make a difference in how you feel going into your assisted conception process.

Empowered hope and connection.

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Have you been on your journey to motherhood for what seems like forever? Following your pregnancy dreams as a woman currently without a partner? In a same sex couple and moving into assisted conception? Or contemplating egg and/or sperm donation?

If you’re open to feeling differently about yourself and your assisted conception journey, would like to be in this process with more empowered hope, starting with a fresh outlook and perspective – and would like to know what your future babies have to say about it, please do take a look at the following opportunity.

As a spirit baby medium and healer, I’ve received strong guidance to offer a 3 day energetic preparation for assisted conception. I’ve been shown waves of babies waiting to arrive.

The babies are very clear that you (and they) are utilising the medical, but it is you, beautiful you, they have chosen and you that holds the power to enable conception to happen. They would very much love you to enter this process with this knowing of your own power and that you are not alone, they are with you.

I recently held a special evening sharing spirit babies insights on IVF and they are likely very far from what your mind is telling you. They offer different ideas as to the way some fertility treatments are suggested. What’s right for you and do you feel listened to or do you feel you’ve handed your body over to the medical process?

Have a listen at the link below and see what resonates.

(400) Spirit baby perspectives, messages and questions around IVF – YouTube

There are so many more women going into this process for various reasons and it’s key that you know it’s not the medical that brings your baby to you, it’s available in order to support you. As the babies said, it’s beautiful to receive support, is this how you feel?

They also said, you are not receiving this support because you are a failure, not good enough or don’t fit the out-dated mould of creating a family and what that looks like. It’s you. You are the creator. You are the magnificent being who holds the power to invite, nourish and nurture your precious soul baby and birth them into the world.

How true does this feel for you? And if not true at all, imagine if that is how you felt about yourself? Imagine how your future babies feel arriving into this feeling?

Just as you are in your preparations, so are they. It’s a big deal coming to this world and there is no stone left unturned as to their choices and plans in how and when that may happen. They are with you in this, you are not alone.

Within this program I will guide you to a number of healing points that spirit baby have highlighted.

  • Entering your process feeling much more empowered in your mind and body
  • Easing feelings of being ‘forced’ and having no choice
  • Easing feelings of resistance and developing a growing awareness of the spiritual/energetic aspects of conception
  • Feeling safe in your body and safe to receive
  • Fears around drugs and effects on your body
  • Feelings of failure including previous ‘failed cycles’. Spirit baby has another way of looking at this.
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine energies, moving from achieving to receiving.
  • Connecting with your future baby/s

We’ll also be addressing your own personal thoughts and feelings to help you move into the process with less stress

 Message from spirit baby:

What if IVF could be seen as light conception? Here’s a message from spirit baby:

You’re going to a clinic because your eggs need help to match with the sperm and that is a very different thing, a very different energy to go into this with. That you are allowing the energies of such to come together in a way that may not be able to otherwise.

 And so isn’t that the magical thing that this conception takes place outside the body while still fully connected to the body, because it is still in the body that you are with your baby. It is just that this light conception can also happen outside of it, if it’s so wishes.

 And I can call it light conception, because if the egg and the sperm are a match, then isn’t that of the light? And if the woman and the man are at a match, then isn’t this a matter of light and lightness. And if the clinic, the woman and the man are at a match, then isn’t this bringing an added quality to the life that is already there?”

If you’re interested in joining me in this space please take a look at the details and sign up below. Any questions, please do get in touch.


Sign up here:https://debrakilby.thrivecart.com/empowered-assisted-conception/


Opening call, sharing, healing and opening ceremony. 20th November

Time: 12pm

Call 1: Wednesday 23rd 5pm to 7pm (UK)

Call 2: Saturday 25th 10am to 12pm(UK)

Call 3: Tuesday 29th 5pm to 7pm (UK)

Investment: £111

Sign up here: https://debrakilby.thrivecart.com/empowered-assisted-conception/

All lives gatherings will be available on replay. Access to Debra to ask questions and receive uplifting support from others in a private Facebook Group.

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