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A message from spirit baby, Rosa and Mother Mary

A message from spirit baby, Rosa and Mother Mary

A message from Spirit Baby. Rosa and Mother Mary

“How can you imagine something with someone else unless that someone else is with you in the experience.”


A beautiful, perhaps slightly controversial message from my spirit baby Rosa, as I sat in meditation yesterday to mark the Solstice. A behind the scenes look at the Christmas story.

Conception is more than a physical act. There is so much more going on behind the scenes spiritually and energetically – you are in co-creation.

I recorded a short video on Instagram today and here is the message in full.

Rosa’s Message:

“Women often worry how ill prepared they are to receive their babies. And that my dear as you know is something you cannot prepare for in the feeling sense – as when it happens it is a joy that is unsurpassed and a feeling that is indescribable and unknown as the energies merge and mingle in their own sweet way, in such a way that a new is born and that cannot be measured only felt in the moment.

And so can you ask them to stop imagining being with their baby because it will be like nothing they can imagine in its truest sense. And instead begin connecting with the energy of their babies so they can feel this connection not only in the isolation of their imagination but with the energy of their babies.

For how can you imagine something with someone else unless that someone else is with you in the experience. You cannot will yourself to be pregnant.

And so what they can imagine instead is a moment of connection with their baby souls. Not how it would feel to be with them in this reality of the physical, as if their baby has nothing to do with it, but to meet them as souls, as individuals, as companions, as beings who would like to be here and ultimately like to be here with you.

Can they shift their perception and imagination from one of being pregnant as if it was all about them to firstly imagine they are calling in and connecting to and with the souls who are to be their baby, who are to be in their womb but not at the whim control and imagination of the woman alone and instead the co-creation of choice with one soul welcoming another and birthing that soul into the experience they wish to have and not what you wish to have.

This is a side of the Christmas story that is not often told. That Mary spent much time with the energy of Jesus before he arrived and to learn of his plans and doings in life and in the company of many angels and beings drawing together a plan that was to be – with a little give or take – a smidgen of the story of Christmas you all know so well.

But what do you think really happened here? Did Mary suddenly become pregnant whether with or without her husband Joseph and be unprepared for what was to come; to blindly follow the instructions of the angels and masters as if she had no choice, no other part to play other than birth this being of light?

No, no. This is not what happened at all. Mary was taken on many travels and long initiations before she was able to conceive of the light of her child Jesus. And she had more than one child. How do you feel they feel knowing the world has forgotten them only to focus on the light of one and not them all?

And how does Mary feel being portrayed as a virgin child unexpectedly asked to birth this child as if she didn’t have a say in it but simply going along with God’s wishes?

This is a very particular and patriarchal way. The story that pregnancy just happens at the behest of God. A story that says we must bend to the will of God.

God does not bend wills. We do.

We have free will and within her free will, Mary chose to go through her initiations and see if she could welcome and connect with this very high level of light that was Christ. And she did. And she spent many months and days in contemplation with him knowing she was not his owner, knowing she was not doing this for herself alone and knowing it was part of a much greater plan.

It was her who was able to hold the light of him and birth him into the world. But only once she had realised this was not all about her but about a co-creation of many beings and the universe itself.

And so then my dear, how do you wish to conceive of this story and what does it tell you about yours? One I hope is that you are more important than you will ever know, in this lifetime at least.

The second is that you are not creating out of nothing, you are not creating alone and you are not creating purely for the sake of it. This is not only your life venture but others.

And so take them seriously these babies of yours, not as in be serious with them, for they are very much about the love, the joy and the play. But take your serious moments, sacred moments in fact, to ask, ask them who they are, what they need, what they are doing and choosing by coming to earth.

And yes indeed why is it they have chosen to come through you. For you are the portal for this magic to happen and you do not own your babies, you own yourself and allow them to come into physical being as them – and it is the two of you as equals, as beings of love that allow for this to happen.

So please do not sit there imagining your belly growing, but sit there and feel the connection with the sovereign soul that is your baby and ask what it is that is the plan here. And then you will feel them and then you will begin to absorb and merge with them in your body as you yourself go on your initiations to be able to hold the light of another.

And there may be some for whom this is simple and ready and easy and others may need to clear the path a little so there is less density and more space for the light of the babies to come in. For do you feel Mary was pure from the outset? Yes, of course she was, as are you. But it didn’t mean she didn’t have to practice and grow in her remembrance of herself and all she was capable of whilst here in her body.

And it did not take weeks and hey presto, he was here. It did not even take months, it took years. And this may not be the same for you, this passing of time, as the world has shifted much in these days. But if it does take time, please remember what you are doing here.

You are not being punished, you are not being told you are not good enough. You are being reminded just how capable, special and magnificent you are to take a ‘lead her ship’ of your body and mind and receive the light of day and night and receive the light of your baby souls.

And for those who have suffered loss, please take heart that this too was a part of Mary’s experiences. She did not birth with ease purely because God had deemed it so. She too was playing a story of loss, connection and renewed connection to herself, the higher mind and that of her babies who needed and wanted to touch the light of her physically for their own reasons as well as that of Mary’s.

As it was through these losses she grieved that reminded her of love, of loving herself within loss, of loving herself within broken dreams and bumps in the road that threw her off the road and made her question herself and all she knew only to come back stronger, more trusting more in connection with herself in the higher realms than ever before.

And so my dear, this is not just Mary’s story. It is yours. She is not a woman to be hallowed and revered as if she were the only one. Question why have they chosen only one woman to revere in this story? How does that make other women feel? Perhaps how they are not pure enough, good enough, chosen enough, a woman they can never aspire to or  perhaps don’t even want to.

And this is perfect my dears, do not aspire to be someone else, aspire to be yourselves. For by making Mary a reverence, it has blocked the light and the value of all other women as if they never will be good enough.

No, no. Dismiss this now and remove it from your psyche. This story you have been told because it is not the truth, it is not the truth of Mary yourself or how how the universe works. It is a story to keep you small and all your children small as if they too cannot be upheld, uphold the light and love of Christ. It is a trick to keep you all in a diminished state, either aspiring to be her or giving up entirely.

Do you think she did not have questions and doubts?

No my dears, No. This was never part of the plan. The plan was always to show through one woman the value, strength, and power of all women and their importance and the reverence for all women who birthed the light, the light of all babies, not just one. They are here to show you who you are.

Look into the mirror of truth, not the one dimensional story of a mother and a child, but a multidimensional story of all mothers, all women with child or not and all children. They are the light as you well know.

And so remove this story from your psyche and look into the mirror and truth of what the story I am sharing here. You are the precious woman of light, able to birth the light valued and revered because you are you and not some made up context of who you should be before you are worthy.

And look into the mirror and see your child as a gift from God. Yes, for aren’t we all, but also as a powerful and loving being, a co-creator with you in this life of yours.

Be you, love you, honour you, and do not let old school agendas or new school thinking detract you from your knowing and belief in yourselves and the lives and loves of many other beings you cannot yet see. Be in the belief of an expanded universe rather than a smaller and smaller world.

What you may imagine and experience within it is entirely your choice. It is just being open to the possibility that there is so much more going on behind the scenes than you are aware of right now.”

With love and blessings,

Rosa, Mother Mary and myself.


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