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Spiritual Fertility Hub London opens

Spiritual Fertility Hub London opens at Fire and  Alchemy

Spiritual Fertility Hub London opens at Fire and Alchemy

First event on 3rd March. Healing, preparing and opening to conception

In this opening event of the Spiritual Fertility Hub at Fire and Alchemy we invite you to connect with yourself, your conception energy and your future babies in this series of immersive meditation evenings, preparing for conception.

This collection of evening sessions can be taken as a six week course or can be attended as individual sessions and is a wonderful gift to you and your future child.

Limited spaces, book here.

What you’ll be experiencing.

Week 1:Preparing and opening the space for conception. I’ll guide you through a womb healing and energy healing, clearing and opening your energy before travelling into the spirit baby world to connect with your future baby/s.

Week 2: Feeling safe to conceive. Feeling safe is a foundation for everything and this starts in the womb. We’ll journey to meet your own baby self in the womb, discover how she is feeling in the womb and what she needs to feel safe, offer her healing, love and support. When the energy of your baby self feels safe, your whole body knows and feels your future baby will be safe in the womb. That you will feel safe to nurture and look after your baby.

Week 3: Transforming your thoughts and feelings around yourself and your journey to motherhood. We’ll explore the subconscious mind, why we think what we think about ourselves, the world and our journey to motherhood. In this week we’ll feel into the most common thoughts and feelings you are experiencing and work with EFT/colour and Theta healing to transform them. Our minds are so powerful and our bodies follow the instructions of the mind – whether that be conscious beliefs or mostly unconscious. We’ll follow the energy of your thoughts and emotions and experience a healing and easing for you to view yourself, your journey and life in a different way.

Week 4: Feel safe to receive. We’ve been trained to achieve, to try, to push to get what we want or to get to where we wish to be, which is the total opposite of conception energy which is receiving, allowing, being energy. In this week we’ll feel into how comfortable it is for you to receive – whether that’s a compliment, a gift, gratitude etc. This can often be linked to unworthiness, shame or guilt and also not everything we’ve received feeling safe. Healing the wound of receiving and experiencing this energy in it’s highest form to open you to your receiving your baby energy.

Week 5: Journey and messages with spirit baby. This week we’ll be inviting spirit baby to join us, to meet, give and receive messages.

Week 6: Opening to your Mother energy. Journey to the womb and cosmic womb. The mother energy is so much more than being a physical mum. It’s the energy that births all of life. Without the mother,  there is no life. This week I’ll guide you to open your Mother energy.

Preparing your body, mind and spirit to invite, nourish and birth your baby into the world is one of the most important and profound services a woman can offer herself, her baby, her family and even the planet.

Yes, you are this important!

The value placed on women, birth and motherhood has been seriously undermined, alongside the support. This stream of being is now turning around as women see and accept their own value, choices and power.

Within the beautiful Fire +Alchemy space, you will be guided into deep, healing meditations, connection with yourself and your future baby/s, and open discussion for questions and sharing about your personal journey to motherhood if you wish – and insights from spirit baby – as part of your preparation for conception.

Whether you have recently felt the call to become a mum or have been on your journey to motherhood for a long time, gift yourself some space each week to be in and feel your energies of conception and connect with your future baby/s.

We’ll also be exploring any fears, beliefs or past hurts from your own time in the womb, birth or childhood that may be present as well as opening you to the portal of conception.

You are the portal. “Find you, find us” Is a consistent message from spirit baby.

If you are drawn to these evenings you already have a deep knowing that becoming pregnant is not simply a physical act; you are inviting another beautiful Soul into your lives; a whole Soul with their own life path, their own challenges, gifts and goals.

Becoming a mum is the biggest transition a woman experiences, opening you up to both your vulnerability and your power. As you’re preparing to conceive and when you become a mum it can be like pandora’s box opening and your childhood wounds and beliefs, experiences of your own time in the womb and at birth rise to the surface.

How beautiful will it feel to have eased these hurts and fears beforehand, found resolution to your experiences and to feel more free and in knowing of yourself and how you wish to birth and parent?

Spirit baby has shown the path as like a runway and landing on a clear runway rather than having to navigate lots of debris!

Our western world is achievement orientated but conception is not an achievement exercise. You are not wanting or trying to become pregnant – you are being in the energy of it to become. It is a receptive energy and accessing your divine feminine power of creation.

Each weekly meditation will be channelled in the moment to align with the energies of the group and guiding you to your most delicious, ancient and deep parts of you.

You can join for all 6 weeks as part of your journey or step into one or more.

The 6 week journey costs £150 or individual evenings are £33. Book your ticket here or email me at debrakilbyhealing@gmail.com for more information.



To work with me on a one to one basis for energy healing, channelled messages,  journey to motherhood, soul plan  awareness, healing and alignment, please take a look at my website: debrakilby.com or drop me a message!

  • Email me at debrakilbyhealing@gmail.com for more information

Whether you’re wishing to birth deeper aspects of yourself or if you are on a journey to motherhood and wish to meet and birth your future babies, your journeys together with me are life-changing.

Please do book here for a free clarity call to find out more about working with me on a one to one basis. https://hellochat.as.me/?appointmentType=2795851

Or join my closed FB group, Journey to Motherhood, for support in pre-conception, baby loss and birth trauma.

I channel the energy of the Divine Mother to bring healing, balance and connection to yourself, your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies – the energies of creation. If you are on your journey to motherhood I guide you to connect and meet with your babies here and in spirit.




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