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Mother Earth is not a school or a trap – but a place for remembering who you are

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A Message from Mother Earth – I am not a school or a trap. You come here to remember who you are.

Message from Mary Magdalene and Mother Earth I received as part of the monthly message series for my Divine Mother Wisdom Membership Circle.

“It is I who is calling, the Earth and all her creatures upon it. And it is I Mary Magdalene who too wishes to speak to you this month. That there is no separation between heaven and earth, above and below. And it is time to see that all is connected and all is one.

But of course you know this, and still you revere me and appear to revere me above all else including the earth. Is it because I am not ‘real’ so to speak? And so it is easier to hallow someone who is not so much in relationship with you every day or every night, but just as and when you choose to?

And so you do not get so triggered by me as if I was in your space, in your face every day. And is this the same with your loved ones who are no longer here with you in physical form – that you can love them differently if they are now at a distance from you and so you do not need to see their faults and foibles every day and therefore are easier to love from afar.

What is the world coming to when it feels easier to measure someone or love someone from afar purely because they are not in your physical space anymore, that they are not jarring on your soul quite so much, purely for the fact they are not pressing any buttons you may have around what they are showing you.

For maybe if I had been with you in person, you too may not love me or think you love me as you do, for I would trigger you and catalyse you into you knowing me as something else, someone else that is not just held in your dreams and all the good bits you wish to see of me. But you would also see me in my human form with all the ups and downs of being trapped in a physical body.

And I say trapped for that is what it can feel like here on earth, a trap. But it is not the earth that is a trap. It is the thinking of the earth as a trap as somewhere to be trapped as you live out your days in physical form until one day – you don’t. As if this is a penance, a learning school as you so often like to see it.

But what if it was not that? What if this time on earth was not a penance but a joy of the Mother showing you all you are here to be. And that by being physically present with her each and every day, in the energy of her each and every day, she is merely showing you what you are and what you are not.

And so therefore it is not a penance, it is not a learning, it is a remembering and a very powerful one at that as each day you spend on earth is a trigger of what you do not remember but quite can’t put your finger on as to what it is you are supposed to be remembering.

And if I were in your physical presence, it too would feel like too much as each and every day I was showing you what you are and what you are not, what you are doing and not doing as a cause of your own remembrance. And then maybe you’ll be less inclined or less able to forego my faults and perfections because each and every day I will be triggering, triggering you into remembering where you are not being or doing all you can.

And so it is easier to simply be in my energy in this way because you can turn away, you can look away and you can ignore me for however long you wish without guilt or distraction or trigger and only call on me when you need some assistance and need some strength to carry on or make sense of the world. But that will always be through your filter in this way and only able to see and feel what you wish to or ready to.

And therefore our relationship in this way is easy for you. However, your relationship with the earth is not so easy because you are not seeing yourself as outside of it but in it each and every day and therefore each and every day there is no escape from that little nub and niggle of what you are supposed to be doing and what you are doing and are not doing.

The earth is like the greatest mother of all time that constantly pushes you from the background to see and be the best you can be but without judgment or favour – just because she is in the energy of remembrance and knowing of who you are. Not the pushing and encouraging of you into something you are not but perhaps seems like a good thing in the world – no, no, that is not what she is about. She’s your mother reminding you to be the best you can be in each and every moment.

And that is not an easy thing, as each and every day you’ll be shown where you are out of favour with her, or not doing enough or being enough to keep her happy. But my dears, this is not the earth, this is the downside of the mother or the downfall of the mother energy and all she is about that we feel pushed and harassed and dominated and trapped by her.

But remember those moments when you are not this, when you feel in the beauty, the glory and acceptance of her, for that too is true. And so do you see how your relationship and relationships on earth are all about the remembering and the restoring of you and her into the beauty and glory of who you are and not the down trodden wound that keeps calling you back to make her happy, but that keeps calling you back so you can be happy and remember this happy and like the mother who is constantly on your back or in your mind she will continue to push you to remember and to remember her as well as yourself.


And that is why it is so hard to be on earth because you feel so pushed to remember as you are in it each and every day, every waking and sleeping hour. And also why it is so easy to revere us because we are not sat with you physically to keep reminding you of this. And so the earth, the mother is doing her job and you my dears are doing yours. And that the only job you have is to remember. Remember that the mother is not a wound nor is she wounded, that she will not allow you to ignore her and therefore yourself for any more length of time.

For she is truth, she is love. She is the mother and is doing all she can to help you remember without the need to tell you what is or what is not. So what is or what is not true for you, she leaves that to you to discover for yourselves so you know what is or isn’t true.

And anyone who tells you, you must do this or must do that, is not in this divine mother energy. They are in the wounded mother energy that says all must be controlled and made up for. But there is no making up to do. There is only a seeing of truth and a peace to be found within what you did not and do not yet know for the times when you are ready to see it.

So do not think of life on earth as a school that schooled you into telling you what is right or wrong. Instead can you see it as a brave step into the mother who then allows you to see all of yourself and be all of yourself.

And those who are not ready for this will leave and be once again in the ethers of their choice until they find their way back to the un-wounded mother. And I will be here to greet, love and commend you for how far you have come.

For it is exhausting this healing the wound of the mother,  of that there is no doubt. For so long it has been seen as either pure or impure and not actual truth. And this has been a way of diminishing the mother energy, the Ma energy as bringing in division and making this small and a camp to be in or not.

But for those of you who are open to seeing the mother and embracing her for all she is showing you about yourself and encouraging you to see in yourself, then life will change for you.

You will see your time here as healing those old wounds of the mother and coming back to her –  back to it – this energy of Mother, which indeed you all are.

And I am but one aspect of this energy as well as it all. But I am here to represent what is possible when you come back to her and all the safety and power this brings.

And so my dears, I hope you get a sense of what I’m trying to say here –  is that your time on earth is a trigger, a relationship you are in each and every day loving you, reminding you of being in truth, a place where no lie can be hidden, no moment unresolved because the energy is such that the mother see all and lifts you out of any fog of non remembrance.

You came here to remember, you are here to remember and even more so now. And so stop looking at your wounds and hurts, your betrayals and sense of unfairness and begin to flip this around to putting your energy into what am I remembering here? I’m remembering I am not that I am remembering that that is a wound and a hurt but I am not that, I am simply here to remember I am not that, that I am more than that I am – and I am remembering I am.

And so my dears be curious about not what has been but what you are remembering from it, for the wounds are deep and have played out for many lifetimes and it is underneath them that is your truth.

And all the mother is doing, Mother Earth, is offering you the opportunity to be here and remember that. So can you honour her for the space she is holding for the magnificence and courage of you coming here to remember..

That this is what happened with me and so many of your so-called masters, they simply came and remembered and therefore do not need to remember again. For once out of the fog, you are just who you are, whole and complete.

And our wonderful earth is the place to come to remember this – often in the most brutal of ways. But that is your story to create or not. It is not the mother or the earth that is to blame here. It is the unseeing of the wounds and a remembrance of who you are beyond them.

And this is what the earth offers.

And so honour her and honour yourselves for each and every day. I am with you but it is not each and every day you choose to experience and live in my teachings and it is easy to walk away from.

But the earth and the energy of it is with you each and every day. And for some this is too much and they aim to suppress it in a number of ways for they cannot bear the truth. And yet you my dears, you are open to your rememberings and your healing with this earth as she holds you in it all until you remember and remember her truth as well as your own.

And so it is.

Message from Mother Earth.

I’m here my little ones and therefore do not make me small. Make me big for that is my big energy. You are in each and every day and your technology and wires may aim to interrupt, diminish and call offline my own messages and energy.

But this has gone on for far too long and my own messages are about to become louder until you all realise that I am the one holding the energy for your remembrance.

It is I who is breaking through the matrix as you may say, and the chains as I may feel it.  I am breaking free of the chains that have been put around me and I will no longer be ignored or dismissed, used or abused. And do you know why this is my dears? Because I do as you do.

I am the planet of remembrance and it is within my womb and my cocoon that you too begin to break free of all that has held you here and beyond.

And that freedom is not always pretty as that can be a difficult unfolding but unfolding it is. And that is the truth. That as I come into my truth and reveal it, so too shall you.

And so it is.

I’d love to know what you make of this message!

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