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A conversation with a tree.

Conversation with a tree

A Conversation with a tree. What do they wish us to know? What questions would you ask? 

Conversation with a tree. Questions: A world without humans? Don’t you wish you could walk? How are you helping us?

The energy of the trees is always fully present if we notice, but more so in the general consciousness now and I thought I’d share the most beautiful conversation with a tree I had on my local common last year that I shared as a monthly message for my Divine Mother Wisdom membership group.

It now feels apt to bring the tree consciousness and all they are and offer us to a wider read. I’d love to know what you think.

Millions of trees are torn down in the name of money or progress every day across the world – whilst metal poles with cameras (UK) and restrictions on movement are put up in the name of slowing climate change – doesn’t that make you wonder? Wouldn’t looking after our trees and nature and planting more trees – wouldn’t that be one of the most perfect, natural options? Be discerning of the narratives😊

The millions of trees felled are barely commented on, yet one tree in Northumberland, England has drawn our attention to how much we love and appreciate our tree heritage. People gathering in grief and honour but also division, anger and blame. There’s more to the story, there’s whispers of wind farms and grudges. The only ones who know the truth are the tree and those involved. Find your own and feel into the tree energy.

The tree’s are living consciousness and I hope you enjoy this conversation with a tree to lift your spirits and feel the nature of connection you have with all living beings of earth.

Message from the tree

“I hold you in my arms. I hold you always, for I am love. And there are many things that represent love and remind you of the love you are and I am one of them.

So if you wish to sit in a quiet contemplation, or if you wish to sit with a sadness or anger, whatever you wish or need to be sitting with, know I am sitting with you and always, always here and always, always reminding you of the love you are and the love of All.

And we will take your woes and take your worries and lift them into our great beingness to rise up our trunks and out into our branches to return as love. Or quietly remove the blockage that is in the way and making you forget who you are.

For you know our strength and you know how we ride many a storm, we have seen it all in our years on this earth. And we know the thoughts and feelings you have about yourselves.

We also know the lightness of feeling you receive when you are with us and reconnecting with our roots, as well as your own. There is every likelihood we were there then as we are now, watching over you, healing, helping you to see the magnificence of you as we see you in – and maybe even you see in us.

What a beautiful level of support that is to feel and know who we are in equal measure of how we see you as you are.

And we see you play and we see you fight, and we see you make love under our canopies of old. And we see you now just the way you are and always have been – light. The light that lights up the world and makes it visible, viable for anyone who chooses to come here. For a human cannot be a human without a human for then there is no connection.

There is no mirror, but the mirror of the stars and the moon and of us in nature in its pure form without you. And imagine this my dears, just for a moment – a life without humans. Would you feel alone or would you feel something else?

And if this was something else, what would that be? Would you remember you are the stars and can therefore connect and speak to them because all you really crave is connection?  And if you were alone with us, would you fear us or would you begin talking with us and loving us and hearing our stories and feeling our dreams?

Would you remember you had a choice to connect with the universe because you are it, and would you not feel held and loved and offered all you need from the water you drink to the food you eat to the love of having another with you in your dreams and ambitions; that this is not survival as your TV programs would have you believe, this is life.

And it is a life that is not about to happen, but it is a life that is possible. And that is what you are all here for is to remember life, that you are life and you are love. And all of us beings are here to support you in remembering that.

And when you come into connection with us in this way, seeing us as different, but the same, then all life will be honoured and above all, you will begin to honour yourselves in a very different way. You will know that although you are different, you are also the same and made of the same stuff, the same energies and same patterns just in different form. So do not worry about being alone for you are never are, you are a part of this great cosmos and are held in each and every moment, it’s just, you have forgotten this and it’s all, all too easy to forget with all the distractions you have around you.

And so my dears, imagine a life without distraction. Imagine a life where you crave connection and cannot find it in your human form, and then see where you go next for. You may have no choice but to begin connecting to us more and more and begin to find a way of communicating with us more and more, and you’ll find it easy and you’ll find it a joy.

There are many things we can offer that humans do not, and that is history and that is memory. As we hold it all and live it all one way or another. And so anything you need to know, we can often offer you. And this is the same for any living being who is connected to the stream of consciousness that is. And so the same can be said for you.

So how can you tap into this stream that is so readily available to you?
You can sit my dears. You can sit. You can sit with us and you can sit with the flowers and the birds and the insects and anything that is in connection to you.

And we are here to remind you of this. And then when you have remembered this, then you can go out into the world and with the other humans. And remember that you are not just this and neither are they. So they are as you are, a representation of love in all its many forms. It’s just, you have chosen this form at this particular time.

But this does not make you separate or different, it just makes you the same. The ever-flowing universe of love we all are. And that is my story. And that is my wish and my view my dears – that your long and lonely separation from us concludes and the world comes all together once again.

And as this knowledge spreads slowly out into the world, and you all come home to you.

So sit my dears this month, sit with yourselves and feel your aloneness until you realise you never are, that you are always held, always loved, always here and always one.

There is no such thing as alone – there is only such thing as a fear of being apart from the place in which you came – and that my dear is love.

And so it is

So expressing and communicating in different ways, as we crave connection, we can find it anywhere. As we realise we are connected to ourselves and that sitting with aloneness as I was in the forest and what might happen and who might be there. I noticed, really noticed the level of support and connection of all around me. We are but one and we are, but the same.

It reminded me of the shaman training, where you have to sit on a mountain,  alone for three days and face these fears. Now I have more of an idea of why that’s part of it.

I went onto ask the tree other questions. I asked about my knees and aches and pains as I was feeling uncomfortable after sitting pretty still for an hour and the tree said:

“We all have lumps and bumps and isn’t that the beauty of us that we don’t all look the same, for then, you know we are alive and not a uniform of pre-planted prettiness. You love our trunks and our patterns, our branches and our faces. Imagine the sterility of us being the same. No, no, this would never do. So can you see your fellow humans as this and yourself adding your flavour to the world?”

And then I saw image of a time where there was shelter in the earth and stars were all part of our lives and signs for us.

I noticed the leaves dropping then and the tree said: “When it’s time, it’s time, the leaves fall and are blown to where they wish to be travel and then dissolve into the nothingness until they wish to come back again. If you can see yourselves as us, this may be one way of looking at the world and being in the world.”

I then asked why they were here. “I’m here to play and connect. I’m here to rest and be. I’m here to hold the love of the mother. I’m here to be the shelter of the father. I’m here to be with the sun. I’m here to live for the air. I’m here to be me in whichever way I wish.”

I just said, you’re amazing. And they said: “So are you😊 I asked-  don’t you wish to walk and move about? And they laughed and said: “Thank you for reminding me of my limitations.” I apologised and they said: “Not at all, for I feel I am moving, moving all the time. And not just the wind and rustle of my leaves and branches, but in the moving of my flow, the up and out and down. And in that I go whenever, wherever I wish, for I am a being of light and therefore I can be anywhere I wish to be, just as you can, whether sleeping or awake. I am here in form, but I am also not here in form just as are you.”

I said, I love that. And the tree said: “Yes, I don’t need legs to move. I move with the flow of the earth and can do this physically. I can also move with the flow of my consciousness. I can talk and be with my brethren on the other side of the world just as you can, physically or in your minds. And when you see me gone know that I haven’t gone, I am still here. I’m simply choosing to be away for a short time. And I may come back here and grow again. Or I may not. I am not fixed in my body, connected yes, but not fixed. And neither need you be.”

It was such an amazing chat. Thank you. I love it. And the tree said: “Yes, will you sit with me again? I said, yes, I will. Thank you. and the tree said to bring a cushion next time for my roots are not always the softest, but my trunk is always here for you to lean into and ask and sit and be, for I love you.”

I said I’m learning in my head to love you as this and remember the non-separation but my heart is already in knowing of this.

The tree replied: “Yes, my dear. Yes, I can feel it. And this is a beautiful thing. So remember this my dear, this aloneness and not aloneness for we, none of us ever are. “

And I asked if there was anything I could do to express my gratitude. And their answer was simply to just be me.

The most beautiful experience of Oneness and presence.

I’d love to know what you make of this message!

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