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Your Healing Heart Fire – Channelled message from Goddess Brigid for these times

Power of your Heart's Fire - a loving message from Goddess Brigid for these times

Healing Power of your Heart’s Fire – a loving message from Goddess Brigid for these times

A Message for these times. A beautiful, heart-felt message from Goddess Brigid. I channelled this for my Divine Mother Wisdom Membership and it feels like it wishes to be shared more widely.

You may not know, but I have Masters in Violence, Conflict and Development and as a former journalist and media officer I reported for newspapers and for charities following wars, such as Kosavo, Liberia and the LRA in Northern Uganda.

The Divine and Rule tactics, creating an ‘enemy’ and psychology or war. The devastation and horror on one side and the money, power and control gained on an other – often third parties.

As well as observing current goings on from this perspective, I love connecting with the higher energetic/spiritual perspective. I hope this message lifts your heart, reminds you of the power of your heart and expand peace. 

From Goddess Brigid:

I’m coming in to be with you, to warm your hearts from the apparent coldness that is operating in your world right now. There is a time for going within and that time is now.

And not because it is cold on the outside for many of you in the world, but because of the coldness we can feel when dread, fear, and anguish touch our lives.

And I want to remind you that you are not closing your hearts once again to the fears of the world and becoming into your own isolation and hardened hearts in order to protect yourselves, you are simply going in to feel the warmth of your hearts and the truth of your hearts that knows all things.

And so do not switch off your hearts, as this is an old pattern of protection before we knew better – that to protect our hearts was to protect our hearths and homes. And yet this is not the case.

Come into your hearts by all means, but not as a way of cutting yourself off from the horrors, but as a way of seeing the horrors from a different perspective and knowing the warmth and love of your own soul.

For your own heart is mighty and mighty powerful in its expression to heal and offer love to yourself and another. And so do this, my dears, come into your hearts and feel the warmth of the fire within it.

Come into your hearts and see the cosiness and safety it provides. For it’s the fire within your heart that will lift these times and lift you. Imagine a world of pure heart energy, of the fire embers as a loving refuge for all who seek it and be that refuge for yourself and for others during these times.

And imagine the hearts of those who feel nothing but the icy dread of fear to come alive once again, just like the spark of embers, when a new log is thrown upon it. You are the log that can provide fuel at these times to ensure hearts aren’t closed and seemingly frozen forever in a fear and grief that has not been felt since the times of old.

And it is these times of old that are coming once again to the surface when the hearts of many were put out by the few. But now there are so many more hearts to add to the fire, so many more with openness and love and a thought to seek truth that the non-heart of the others will need to rear their most basic influence in order to close them again.

So do not close them my dears. Open them with all the might they are and the truth and love of God and the becoming of all humans into the God selves they are. For there are to be no more vanquished hearts, no more hearts laid on the table of Abraham to prove a point of who is the greatest, who is the most, who is the most deserving.

This is not the word of God. It’s the word of another. And the other will do with all their might to show and to prove that their might and word is greater than others. But it is not my dear. Please remember this and hold the thought.

And the thought of the greatest love of all is your heart, is you and you without all the programming, conditioning and fear that led you to believe you need to protect yourself.

It is with your open heart that you are protected, not your closed one.

So choose love my dears. Choose love and not fear no matter what they tell you or show you. Look beyond, look beyond the shadows of robots and fear that lie within it and blast it with your own secret weapon, that of love and unity and hope for the light of mankind that he too shall one day see the light of themselves.

For once you have seen the light of yourself, then your mission, as always was, was to seek that light ever deeper into the shadows of the dark. And be sure and in your knowing you will find it there. For you will always find the light in those dark shadows because you are it-  and you will see the light of all the children and all the people as they are it too.

And many will wish to close off this light and be drawn into the darkness as it will feel so much easier, so much more righteous. And yet we tell you this is not the way. This is not the truth. Seek the light. Always seek the light which is far greater and stronger than anything else you’ll know, even in this most dimmest of hours.

You’re being my darlings, as you always were, to shine your light out now into the darkness to reach those hearts that feel adrift, that feel frozen as if forever.

And throw your spark of fire into it to remind them, to help them to be them as they come back to life once again amidst the most holy of fires, that of the heart and soul and heal the heart of oneness that we all are.

So take your heed and take your mind and fill your heart with fire, and light those fires in as many places as you so wish. This overflow of fire, this overflow of love that is always available to you, that as you do, you will magnetise more love to you and therefore more overflow. Until eventually all there will be is love.

And this is written in the stars and it is written in the word that humanity will never fall again. And it is now that this knowledge needs to seep in, that humanity will never fall again.

Never fall prey to fear, never fall prey to the ego mind of confusion and righteousness and instead be felt as sparks of light across the world, lighting the fires of the many and the few. It is the few who need it the most, but the many who must be reminded of this by at first lighting their own fires and their own hearts to the truth.

And so take your spark, take your flint and take your soul out into the world for it to be seen and heard. Support those who do so by boosting their fires if you cannot do this yourself. For the humiliation is strong, but the not doing what is right for your soul is stronger.

Be the light my dears. be the light for that is who you are. And I watch each and every one of you daily, nightly and help stoke your fires within.

The only fires we need are the fires of love. And we my dears will do the rest.

And so it is.

With love, heart and fire. Goddess Brigid.

Further conversation with Brigid:

“The bigger picture is that hearts need to know they’re coming back online and not being switched off. That power is love. Power is peace. Power is not violence or war or feeling someone else’s power over you. For the power is the power of self. And it is this that must now be felt.

What happens when we are in fear? All else stops, all life stops, all reproduction, all digesting, digesting of food, of news that we cannot process. All thought that is not beyond fear.

And then life stops and then we go back again. We will not and cannot go back again. It is only forward and it’s only in, and to collect our souls of fire within it all.

Do you see when old stories play out, we play out our own old stories? When there is nothing new to be seen, we simply create the old. That is why they go back to the old, in order for the new not to be seen. And yet the new is not seen, it is felt.

And so my dears feel the new.

And so it shall be. Feel the waves of peace within the war. The waves of peace are there. And notice how this changes your thoughts, your body, your action. And what you may feel is war is actually peace.”


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