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Fear of climate change and being a mum – a spirit baby perspective

Climate change fears and becoming pregnant

Spirit baby perspective on fear and fear of climate change 

A message from my spirit baby mentor Rosa:

“There is much fear in your world right now and adding the mix of a baby into it, is a risk this will create more fear. So do not fear they are not coming, for they are.

But they do not wish to be born into this fear or to create anymore fear as you worry about them, their growth, their life, as you move through these strange times of transition from one world into another.

And so we suggest that if you can look at your fears around bringing a baby into the world when there is so much fear around, this eases the fear. For we feel no fear here but we do feel the fear of the parents, the mums, dads and partners of these babies because we feel all. But that does not mean to say we don’t love all.

Do you see what we are saying here my dears,  is we do not wish to create more fear. For as we feel this world of yours collapsing in the best of ways through the worst of ways for some of you, there is a fear that we will not survive, or we will not thrive. Or that you may not survive and will therefore not be able to thrive.

Do you see how this works? The more fear you hold of us not making it, the more we decide to not come and add this further pressure onto you. And so we will wait and we will watch.

And there are those of you who live without fear, without the knowing of what is to come, will be free to live and free to conceive as we will not be adding any extra fears to your already intense woes and worries.

And we ask this of you because it is how we are seeking it and we cannot wait for this birth to come about and we cannot wait for our own births to come about, our births into your world, our world, this new world that is transpiring.

For it is a new world and it is to be looking very different then the one you are currently in but not so different there is not joy in it, so much joy. So we ask you, can you hold onto this promise of ours that we will come when there is less fear? We will come when we are ready to come and we will come when you are ready for us to come.

For the truth is right now, there is so much fear about our coming. Fear of how you will manage, fear of how we will manage in such a strange world as is existing at this time. But we hold only love and we hold only joy and we hold only excitement as we watch you moving through this first birthing phase of the new world.

And you can do it and you will do it,  for I, Rosa, am your midwife and there is nothing I will not do to help you stand in your way of knowing of just how powerful you are. And so take heed of your fears, your fears of death and your fears of life. For we do not bring death, we bring life and we bring love and we bring so much more to your world and this is our business, not yours.

Your business is to allow this to come to pass and you will not allow this if you are in fear and if you fear you cannot –  because you can. You can and you will. So come on now, come on all, this is not a time for giving up, this in not a time for thinking you can’t – this is a time for knowing you can because you will, of that we assure you.

For just as we can, you can. It’s just easier for us to say and to see this from where we are. But where we are is not much different to where you are. For as the fog lifts from your world, you too will see this. So continue to lift the fog, the fog of your minds, the fog of times gone past and the fog of illusion that has plagued your world for so very long.

And so it is to be those who are not willing to be manipulated by the untruths that it is babies who are the cause of climate change you so often hear about, because us babies have a tendency to grow into adults and to have more babies. So how is it we wish to be the blame and cause of more angst about your world?

So then we don’t arrive, it’s also our fault about failing populations and dwindling numbers, for the death of economy and fresh blood. And so do you see why we feel we cannot win? But do you also see the underlying picture here. Because you do not outright blame the babies but you do outright blame the mothers of the babies.

The’ irresponsible’ women who bring life to this world and the irresponsible women who choose not, or feel they can’t bring life in, or those who choose themselves over above the population and economic concerns of a government.

Do you see the ridiculousness of this argument. That it is not babies who cannot win right now, it’s the women. It’s always the women and their minds manipulated and kept in fear and doubt of should I or shouldn’t I have a baby at this time. And the I want so desperately to hold my baby in my arms but what if….

There are many deep unconscious patterns of being allowed, being controlled as to when or why you are to bring your ultimate creative powers into existence and trust me, this should be at the whim of the woman, her call to become a mum or not, and not at the whim of the energies that wish to seek control over a women’s creative power. For that too is a return to fear.

So as we have moved through this message you can see how lying underneath it all is the control of women’s power. The fears from one of the scale to another of whether you do or do not do something with your body, your life, your choice, your sovereignty.

So it is indeed the women of the world who will rise up through these tricks and manipulations to keep them in guilt or fear as to whether they do or don’t will all and any choices in their life.

For once they do untangle themselves from these this fear and manipulation then once again they will be free and we will feel free and loving to come to them, knowing we are not the bargaining tool of how much women are valued or shamed for their choices.

And so it is.


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