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Imbolc – “You are the Fire”. A message from Goddess Brigid

Imbolc. You are the Fire. Message from Goddess Brigid

Imbolc – Message from Goddess Brigid. “You are the fire.”

Can you feel the fire, the rising? Imbolc greetings and celebrations. A message from Goddess Brigid.

“Feel your fire lit from within”.

Goddess Brigid Message:

“Can you see my flame? Can you see my fire? And yet can you also see my peace and my unconditional love oozing from my being? For I am often depicted with my fire and that this fire is somehow separate from me that I hold.

It’s like a gift that has been bestowed and which I then bestow upon others. But no my darlings, no. This is the way of separation. This is the way of externalising that which is within.

For my fire is my fire. It is mine and it is lit with a passion for grace and humility, love and honour, birth and rebirth. And that is my way. It is not a way I have had bestowed on me. It is simply my way as an expression of who I am and how I come to be here over many lifetimes, in many guises.

And I am here with you now to stop this spreading of disinformation that is so current in your society. (smiling). That there is nothing separate about it. The fire in my belly was not a gift I was given. It is not external to me. It is me. I am the fire. Much as is as it is with you.

Can you see the fire within me as you begin to see it within yourself? For all the gifts you carry are the gifts you carry. They are not bestowed on you  like some prize for being a good girl. And ‘if you do this, you get that.’ No, no. That is not the way it is.

You are born with these gifts. You are the gift. Do you not see this yet? And so when you honour me or honour another, you are merely honouring the gift, the love and wisdom that is you.

That is you already you and not a you that is yet to be bestowed – for you already are.

In this year ahead, I wish you to see all the images that you are shown where there is separation. Very much like this image of me with my fire.  I not only hold my fire in my hands, I hold it in my heart and in my loins and in my belly. I do not bestow the gift of fire upon you, I help you to recognise the fire within yourselves.

So my dears when there are portraits of me with my fire as separate from me – do not question how do you receive it, question – how do I light this fire within myself?

There is nothing you need to do to receive for it is already given. And this is another mode of interest we will also be discovering in this year ahead.

That there is nothing to receive and nothing to give for it is already done. It is in the becoming of what you wish for in which the giving and receiving is done.

And what you may not know, is that attracting is already a done deal as it has already been created. You are not separate from it. It just feels that way for you are imagining it coming and not following through to the it is already here.

And so my dears much like my fire, it is not something I obtained or earnt, learnt or achieved. It was something I became as I already was. And so it is the same for you.

You are not separate from any of your creations or any part of who you are. You are not receiving the blessings or giving the blessing, you are the blessing and therefore there is no giving or receiving. It is who you are.

And how do you become this? You become the blessing by feeling and knowing you are it. And when you are offering yourself or another a blessing, all you are doing is not bestowing, but offering the opportunity for yourself or another to know it within themselves.

And this will become a nightly blessing or a daily blessing as each and every day you recognise yourself to be the blessing and therefore you are not giving anything away or waiting to receive it from outside of yourself. You are simply it.

And so it is my darlings, this love, this whole and unconditional love you are is the becoming. And it is the becoming of a whole new era that awaits as we move beyond what one has and one hasn’t, what one is or one isn’t and what one offers or does not offer.

We are moving into the recognition that we are all. And all we are doing is simply activating the allness within all of humanity.

And so it is.

Further conversation with Brigid:

“The bigger picture is that hearts need to know they’re coming back online and not being switched off. That power is love. Power is peace. Power is not violence or war or feeling someone else’s power over you. For the power is the power of self. And it is this that must now be felt.

What happens when we are in fear? All else stops, all life stops, all reproduction, all digesting, digesting of food, of news that we cannot process. All thought that is not beyond fear.

And then life stops and then we go back again. We will not and cannot go back again. It is only forward and it’s only in, and to collect our souls of fire within it all.

Do you see when old stories play out, we play out our own old stories? When there is nothing new to be seen, we simply create the old. That is why they go back to the old, in order for the new not to be seen. And yet the new is not seen, it is felt.

And so my dears feel the new.

And so it shall be. Feel the waves of peace within the war. The waves of peace are there. And notice how this changes your thoughts, your body, your action. And what you may feel is war is actually peace.”


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