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Standing for women, for mothers, for life and light – a message from spirit, from Rosa

Stand up for women, mothers, life - a message from spirit - from my spirit baby mentor Rosa

Standing for women, mother and life – a message from my spirit baby mentor, Rosa.


International Women’s Day

I never imagined how relevant this message would become when I channelled it in 2020. I ummed and ahhed as to whether to put it in my book Rosa’s Choice because I couldn’t ‘see’ at the time the full extent of how women are being dismissed, blamed and attacked  once again. But I did.

It’s now so in front of our eyes – Just look at the referendum in Ireland today – a move to change the constitution and remove the word woman – and a whole lot of other seriously worrying lines. On International Women’s Day – dressed up as a move to take the burden off women. Farcical.

Here’s what my spirit baby mentor shared in 2020. Remembering Mother – in the much more expanded sense than being a physical mother. It’s the energy of life.

“Without the mother there can be no more life. Do you see what is happening here my dear? They are trying to replace the mother. They are trying to destroy their own selves because that is the pattern they are in,  the experience they are in, of always needing to attack the mother because they cannot bear to look at themselves – and therefore they hate the mother for bringing them into existence.

They blame the mother, they cannot bear the mother because the mother is a reflection of their own wants and needs and they cannot find it within themselves and they cannot find it within the mother. And so the mother is to blame for them finding themselves in this predicament.

 It is of the utmost importance to protect the mothers at this time as they are in need of much help. A great battle they are fighting for their very existence. It is the energy of the mother that can birth all and give all – and yet it is not happening in this way as yet, as mothers do not understand the very key concept that they are life.

They are life, they are the life, the life of the whole universe. There will be no existence. And the ones who hurt and the ones who harm the mother are the very ones who need the help to see that it is not the mother that is to blame for their ills but their twisted sense of self and lack of recognition of the light they are. For they only live in the dark and can only see the dark and so therefore the lens they are viewing the world with is purely the dark, there is no light.

The damage is such that nothing can be done about  those who are in this state of being. However, there is plenty to be done for those who are not.

And it is those who do not, who must be the ones who shine up and shine up so brightly that the dark can only live in the dark and not bring its darkness into the world. It is held at bay, it is seen and helped and loved and yet has no light to control or manipulate and attempt to take from the mother and destroy the mother.

The more mothers you help in this way to know only of the light and not only just of the dark and the need to destroy the mother for all the pain she has brought, when they realise that they are the ones in pain and they realise that they are the ones who destroy, not the mother, not god, not the universe, but they.

And when they reach this point of understanding, it is only the light, the love and the power of the mother who can hold this dark in unconditional love, that will be and see the very existence of the universe itself.”

Let’s raise our voices today and know the light of ourselves. We’re not battling the dark and wounded – we’re  raising the light so it has less power.

With love

Debra x

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