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From servant girl/slave to creator – a message from spirit baby

From Servant girl/slave to creator - a message from spirit baby

From Servant girl/slave to Creator – a message from my spirit baby mentor, Rosa.


I was shown the image of a servant girl or handmaiden bringing tea and tending to the needs of others. And then Rosa shared the following message.

“You are all walking around is if you are serving girls, bringing tea, tending to the needs of others as if this was your purpose – and this is not your purpose. Your purpose is to be both tendered upon and tending to the needs of others, as others would expect you to be doing. But again, is this the truth of your purpose?


Are you to bring up your boys to expect the best and be tended to whilst they do all the ‘hard jobs’ of bringing in the money and killing the dinner. And are you to bring up your girls to tend to the needs of others and not see it as a ‘hard job’, just a job women do? No, I think not.

And I feel for many of you, you would gall at this fact. But the fact is, many of you are still moving around this earth as if it was the case, as if you were a servant to the world and not a powerful creator of this world. Not because you are not good enough, but because you have been told you are not good enough, worthy enough, enough in any sense, but to do the bidding of those who do not hold this program or who may hold it, but go the other way with it and demand and refuse it to be the case.


And so they have to prove they are enough by others doing their bidding and feeling better about themselves by making others feel worse about themselves. And this may seem old fashioned, and it may seem out of date in comparison to where you are now. However, there is still this underlying feeling of servant girl, and that you do not have a right to take up space, or you do not have a right to command and create in case you upset the balance of life.


But this is not the balance of life. This is the imbalance of life. And it is time for you, time to restore the balance, to step out of the ways of the servant girl and into the ways of the woman. You are the woman you have always and will be  – no matter your gender or class for these two are false notions and your babies will remind you of this.


For they are not coming in to be servants or bullies. They are coming in to explore, to create, to find happy and be happy with who they are and where they are and have no plan in their story that this is indeed their history.

For his- story is only told by those who wish to see it their way and wish others to see it that way when it may not be that way at all. And so if you, as a woman, told her story, what stories would you be telling? Would you be telling the stories of the victim and how hard life was, or is, or will be, or are you telling the story of the woman who endured those parts of his-story with a knowing in her heart that she was right all along and it didn’t make a difference how many lifetimes she lived and how many lifetimes it takes – but at some point in time, in her lifetime, that balance would be redressed – that his-tory and her-story as simply a story in the unfolding of humankind and it need play no part now in the story you are creating for yourself.


For you are not a story, you are a being of great magnitude and one who can step out of the stories to create her own, create what she wishes, not what anyone else wishes or demands to be the case.


If it was women in charge of the narratives, the stories, what would the difference be in the world? Not the wounded woman, the victim woman, but the woman who rises up and says enough to the old – and yes, to the new.


How would the world look? And is it a world you wish to see? And if so, then make it so. You are not attached to the his-tory or her-story of others, or even your own.

There is a time of the new and that new is now.

There is a narrative that says we are all learning from our mistakes, but who said they were mistakes? Who said it was wrong? Who is actually learning from the past?


Right now not many, so maybe it is the time to stop looking for answers from the past, feeling yourself cutting ties and attachments to these stories of the past and stepping into the new.

And there is no harm going into the past but the only past you need to go into, is your own. Your own thoughts and feelings of that moment, that lifetime, that experience to realise the truth of your own story within it and to the story as told to you by others.

And within this, all will be free.

The stories of what it means to be a woman, what it’s been like to be suppressed, not to say this didn’t happen, but the longer you stay in the story, you longer it will take to come out of it. Come out of it and then find your own truth within it and set yourself free.


For when you are free of the story, others will be too. And your babies have no interest in stories, they only have interest in all of life and what it has to offer.

What they make of it will be theirs and theirs alone and not the stories of others.”


Let’s beam out and know the light of ourselves, the power, peace and creators we are.  

With love

Debra x

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