Healing and Channelling

Divine Mother Wisdom Circle

Sharing and receiving the healing and
wisdom of the Divine Mothers

You’re invited to join the Divine Mother Wisdom Circle where you’re welcomed into a sanctuary of deep healing, love, friendship and wisdom sharing. A space to meet with the Divine Mothers and journey with them in guided meditations to unlock your previously hidden wisdom and heal through layers of ancient and current hurts. You are offered a breathing space where you’re free to be you, to ask questions, explore ideas, share and receive wisdom and support, practice your gifts and intuition if you wish.
This beautiful energetic container is held by the energy of the Divine Mothers for the gentle unlocking of your own Divine Mother energy, your sacred knowledge and secret codes reawakening you to your ancient divine feminine wisdom through deep, healing meditation and journeying with the Divine Mothers each month, as well as gathering for wisdom sharing with other like-minded women and hearing and exploring channelled messages and insights.
Divine Mother Wisdom Circle is for you if you’d like to strengthen your connection to yourself, your ancient divine knowledge and gifts and gather with other women as we rise together. If you’re intrigued by the bigger picture of what’s going on in your life, in the world and universe and wish to explore questions and answers with other like-minded souls, you’ll find this here.

It’s open for you if you’re looking for somewhere to be you, to feel nurtured, safe and free to ask and share whatever it is that’s coming to you or you’re experiencing and seeking to own more of your sense of self and power to create.
Much of the wisdom of the Divine Mother energy has been kept safely hidden, now the time is here for this energy and for you to rise, and for you to rise into the truth of who you are, and we are all are as human beings on earth.

This circle is a sanctuary where each month we gather 2 or 3 times per month for guided meditation, a wisdom and sharing circle and to receive and discuss channelled messages from the Divine Mothers. We’ll be allowing flow of the themes but love, life, death, sex, soul purpose, the Mother Wound and turning long-held stories and beliefs upside down will surely form a part of discussions.

My intention is for the Divine Mother Wisdom circle to be a place where you’re heard, supported, and held as you come to know more of yourself, grow spiritually and create and birth the life and energies of New Earth living that lie within you.
The bottom line is, you are already a member of this circle if you’re feeling called by the Divine Mothers and the energies of the New Earth to birth more of you, the woman you are, create a better life and world for you and all. You are All.

This circle is not for you if you aren’t ready to explore and play in the deepest parts of you and hold others in love and respect as we all move through our challenges into our gifts and truth.

Who am I?

As a healer and channel for the Divine Mothers wisdom and healing, I’ve been asking them where do they want me to share all the information they’re sharing with me! I’ve loved receiving it but I didn’t know what to do with it all. I’ve been holding onto it, keeping it hidden.
This feeling of creating a sanctuary within which healing and wisdom could be shared and then duplicated out through each of the women in the circle, came to me during a meditation in my current Divine Mother Meditation group. I was told it was simply time to expand the group into something more. As each and every one of us expands into our own truths.
During each month you will be guided in meditation to meet the Divine Mothers and journey with them to deep healing of the ancient divine feminine, for you to find clarity, feel lifted and more free and confident in yourself. We’ll also gather together in a wisdom and sharing circle once in each month, to share, support, explore wisdom, receive messages, discover, practice and enhance your natural gifts. Also within the month I’ll connect in with the Divine Mothers for the message they wish to share with you and for you to reflect on if you wish, as well as distance healing.

As this circle will be very much intuition led and open to creation, if you wish to host a call, share of yourself and your gifts, this is your space to do so.

Members of my current meditation circle who are expanding into this space alongside me said:

I hope it does justice for the beauty and transformation these calls in the Divine Mother Meditation Circle have brought to me.
Every single meditation call is like a coming ‘HOME’ to and very transformational. With Debra leading and holding this sacred space, it is so natural to ease into the circle and experience the healing coming through. These calls have truly been a gift. Thank you for your warm, loving presence Debra. I truly cherish this space.”
Aparna, USA
I have no memory of how I found Debra but I know that I was always meant to.
She has and continues to be a massive part of my own healing journey. Her love, generosity and much needed talents are a total blessing.
She shines brightly in my very being and I am so grateful to have her amazing presence in my life.
Jo, UK
“I am glad I found you, your website each and every word resonates my thoughts. I found my home!! Found answers to all my questions. I always wanted to be in touch with like-minded people so the divine mother meditation group has given me that opportunity.

When being in this space it feels the energy flowing and always happens to hear what I need to hear during the meditation. Thank you!”

Ramya, India
The Divine Mother Meditation group is a very special and powerful space held by wonderful Debra and shared by all who are there. I always look forward to the sessions. The insights, healing and clarity they bring are hugely beneficial to my overall well-being and spiritual growth.
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