Healing and Channelling

7 steps to meeting your baby


Healing your mind body and soul for conception


7 steps to meeting your baby

Healing your mind body and soul for conception

It’s time.

Your Babies are waiting!


As a spirit baby medium and channel for spirit I’ve been shown wave upon wave of baby souls waiting to be born. Before you throw up your hands, swear at the injustice or seeming impossibility of this vision for you right now.

Take a moment out of your pain and out of your mind and read on.

What are your babies waiting for?

Why are they holding back?

What have you done to deserve the pain of infertility?

Why are you being punished?

What’s wrong with you? Nothing.

Nothing is wrong with you. You have done nothing to deserve it. You are not being punished. Totally the opposite in fact.

If you’re reading this and drawn to my work then you are one of the very extraordinary women who, on soul level, have chosen and agreed to invite, nourish, birth and nurture these brave new souls of light – the light that is your future baby or babies.



Deep down, underneath the layers of pain, questioning, anger, grief and aloneness – you know this. You know there’s a reason why all this is happening to you. You know you are not meant to live your life in struggle, feeling bitter, sad, resentful and empty. You know you and your life are worth more than this. You know you are already a mum.

Imagine looking into the eyes of your baby’s soul? What do you see in them? How do you think they see you? Your babies see you only as love, pure love. You are enough. They choose you. All they wish for, is for you to feel this for yourself and about yourself. To know yourself as love. To understand more of who you are and what you’re here for. To choose yourself.

Why is this? Because the more you understand yourself, the lighter and freer you’ll feel in yourself and your outlook on life.


When you begin to believe and recognise yourself as a magnificent being with your own role and purpose, the easier you will find the transition from women to mother.

You will also be better able to support your baby to know the love, magnificence and purpose of themselves. The less lower vibration feelings we hold onto because of life’s experiences, feelings such as guilt, jealousy, grief, bitterness and resentment, the more open we are to receive the higher vibration emotions such as joy, love and gratitude – the energies your baby holds.



Healing Yourself

By going within and healing yourself, your conception energy will be lighter and more joyful, as will how you move through pregnancy, birth and as a parent.

Your babies will not pick up or be hindered by any limitations you’ve had imposed on you.

You are limitless, you’ve just been told otherwise. In short, your babies wish to arrive, be reminded of and allowed to get on with their mission as soon as possible with as few limitations as possible.

How can they do this if their mums and dads are living from their ancestral and own childhood patterns, beliefs and limitations?

Your babies are encouraging you to release anything that is in the way of you seeing yourself as a powerful, loving woman of beauty and creation.

This is who they know you to be. This is how they see themselves. They are asking for these truths to be felt on all levels.

This is the reason for this programme “From Here to Maternity”.

The more you know yourself, the clearer you become.

The more you can release the denser thoughts and emotions, the lighter you will feel – the more your vibration will rise to match that of your very high vibration babies.



When I say high vibration – what I’m talking about is ascension. Moving from competition to cooperation, fear based to love based. The world is changing, the world needs to change. The baby souls waiting have a much higher purpose, as do you.

They and you are so much more than you’ve ever been told. It’s time for you to know and feel this now.

With the love and guidance of Mother Mary, myself Debra Kilby and Kundalini teacher Linda Martin, you will lift off the layers of shame, trauma and hurt, fulfil any needs that weren’t met by your own mother, consciously or unconsciously.

Debra Kilby

Linda Martin


You will begin to feel freer to be you, more confident in yourself.


You will begin to feel safer to be you, more secure in the world and safer to be a mum.


You’ll open up your intuition, begin to trust yourself more and know what’s right for you rather than people pleasing and giving away your power to others; to be in your own knowing even when going through the medical journey to motherhood.


Spirit babies tell me it is in spite of the medical, not because of it, that they arrive. They arrive because they choose to and they choose you and the time. You are the powerful portal of love that allows for them to transition from spirit baby to earth baby.



You will dig deep into your truth and your power as a woman, as a creator of life and new life.


You will be held and guided to delve deep into your emotions and beliefs, the stories you’re telling yourself about why you’re not pregnant yet.


From Here to Maternity course

This whole course has been inspired by and is guided by the energy of Mother Mary, one of my guides, as well as my spirit baby guide Rosa and your spirit babies themselves. They are so ready to arrive.

They choose you, no matter which physical way they come in.

21 Days

In this 21-day programme – which will be recorded so you can re-listen or catch up whenever you wish, we’ll be moving through each of the chakras to clear any known or unknown beliefs, this lifetime or past lifetime blocks to you becoming pregnant.


This programme is for you if you’ve been trying to conceive for a while.

Every day there will be a short 15-minute healing meditation to align you with the energy of the Mother.

Every 3rd day there will be:



A powerful healing meditation with Mother Mary focusing on each of your chakras.


A Kundalini yoga practise to boost and strengthen each of your energy centres


An affirmation of the day


A journaling question prompt


Q & A session

There will be bonus meditations and exercises.

The daily 15 minute meditation

The daily 15 minute meditation is a must do as it will align you with the energy of the Mother and allow for deep healing and insight.

The Kundalini practices will move you more into alignment with your physical body. Our physical body stores memories of trauma or the stories we subconsciously hold on to.

With Debra you will delve into old limiting beliefs and release them. With Linda, you will energetically release any stored muscle memory from the physical body to clear the energy lines without needing to understand the story behind it.

The energetic practice of Kundalini Yoga works to allow you to direct your energy to flow freely within your body in a safe and simple way.


Guide you

The rest of the programme offers additional ways if you so choose, leading you to your own sense of empowerment and understanding.

The aim is to guide you to discover your – why is this happening to me? To connect you more deeply with yourself, your wombbodyemotions and your baby.

Day 1 – The Root Chakra.

Feeling safe. What unmet needs are underneath any feelings of insecurity? Do you find it hard to connect and ground or manifest? Do you experience addictive patterns, particularly around food? Do you avoid intimacy more often than you’d like? Do you experience fear and/or anxiety often? Do you feel driven to work hard or people please? Do you have a lack of self-worth? Are you aware of your own birth story?

If any of the above, then focusing on your root chakra will help greatly in feeling safe to be you, safe to be here.

We will be focusing on where you don’t feel safe and transform this energy for you to feel grounded, safe to be you, to become pregnant and give birth.

Day 4 – The Sacral Chakra.

Creativity and desire. Do you carry a lot of shame about your body, your experiences, choices or behaviour? Do you tell yourself you’re a failure, you don’t deserve, you’re not good enough? That you can’t be a mum? Do you have negative feelings towards your womb? Do you experience feeling inadequate or jealous?

If any of the above, then focusing on your sacral chakra will help greatly in healing your sense of being a woman, a creator of life and new life.

You will also receive a womb healing and blessing.

Day 7 – The Solar Plexus.

Self-belief. Power. Do you find it hard to say no? Do things for others at the expense of yourself? Do you have a lack of self-worth? Feel guilty about the choices you make for yourself? Find it hard to trust yourself or feel angry or that life is unfair?

If any of the above, then focusing on your solar plexus will help greatly in healing your sense of self, feeling more confident and trusting in and of yourself.

Day 10 – The Heart Chakra

Balance. Acceptance. Love. Do you feel grief and loss? Do you often feel lonely or alone with your thoughts and feelings? Do you feel dependent on others for your happiness? Do you often say mean things to yourself and find it hard to love yourself?

If any of the above, then focusing on your heart chakra will help greatly in healing your sense of self, feeling more able to love yourself, fully own your life experiences so far with compassion and feel able to give and receive love and self-love.

Day 13 – The Throat Chakra

Courage. Confidence. Self-expression. Truth. Do you feel frustrated wishing you’d said something and didn’t? Do you hide the truth? Are you shy or feel you speak too bluntly? Do you feel you’re not heard or seen?

If any of the above, then focusing on your throat chakra will help greatly in healing your sense of self, feeling safer and more confident to express your needs and opinions and speak from the heart.

We’ll be focusing on any unmet needs to being heard and seen.


Day 16 – Third Eye Chakra

Intuition, perception, vision. Do you feel disconnected from your body or life around you? Do you often feel confused and unsure of what is the right or wrong decision for you? Do you find it hard to focus on any one thing? Do you feel you’re more in your head, approaching life from a logical viewpoint rather than your gut instinct?

If any of the above, then focusing on your Third Eye chakra will help greatly in feeling more confident and trusting around your decisions and seeing the bigger picture. You will have tools to take with you to open up your intuition and what feels the best path and choice for you.

We’ll be focusing on opening up your intuition and learning how to trust yourself and your decisions.


Day 19 – The Crown Chakra

Unity. Knowledge. Connection. Do you doubt yourself and your ability to connect with yourself or your spirit baby? Do you find it hard to trust yourself or others? Do you often feel despair or apathy? Do you find it hard to open your mind to possibility, magic and miracles?

If any of the above, then focusing on your Crown chakra will help greatly in opening up your sense of feeling safe and in control of your choices, more connected to your truth and a knowing that you are not alone but on this journey with your spirit baby and guides.

We’ll be focusing on opening up your connection and inner knowing and releasing doubt. We will be connecting you to Source/Creator energy and meeting your future baby in the spirit baby realm and meeting your spirit guides.

Day 21 – Bringing It All Together

A beautiful healing experience to integrate all you’ve received and allow for you to feel complete and ready for your next steps on your motherhood journey.


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Spirit Baby Meditation

35 minute healing meditation will bring you a sense of peace and relaxation as you travel to the spirit baby realm to meet your baby in spirit. 

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