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Hi, I’m Debra and I’m an energy healer, intuitive guide, baby spirit communicator and channel for Spirit. I am a very blessed mum of two beautiful boys – a journey to motherhood that has led me to being here with you now.

My Soul’s calling is to support mums and mums in waiting on their journeys to motherhood. To help you connect more deeply with yourselves, your babies here, and in spirit.

Following the loss of four of my babies, of which there was no obvious physical or medical reason, I started on my own quest to find answers. Why me? Why didn’t they stay? What had I done wrong? How on earth was I going to ever feel better? And my big question – was there another little Soul out there for me.

I found these answers by going within – and in doing so, also found my ‘self’, my life purpose and my connection with my own babies, future baby and so many babies in spirit.

My heartfelt wish is to guide mums and mums in waiting to a deeper understanding of themselves and their journey to motherhood. Help them release and find resolution to past traumas and challenging experiences. To bond with and understand that their babies here and babies and future babies in spirit have their own choices and journeys to make.

I am a qualified Spiritual Counsellor, EFT (tapping), Matrix and Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Advanced Theta Healer and Advanced Soul Plan Reader. I have been practising energy healing since 2010.

I am a member of the HHC – Holistic Healing College, EFTMRA association and Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge.

Spirit Baby Meditation

35 minute healing meditation will bring you a sense of peace and relaxation as you travel to the spirit baby realm to meet your baby in spirit. 

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