Healing and Channelling

Opening the Gateway to Conception

Reconnect, remember and reclaim your ancient fertility wisdom and reset your journey to motherhood to meet your baby.

I’m so excited to announce a new fertility programme Opening the Gateway to Conception is now available.

This unique program consists of deep, healing meditations downloaded at the sacred fertility sites of Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury; ancient rituals, insights and channelled messages.

This container will open your heart, mind and soul to your ancient wisdom, release present, past life and ancestral hurts to reset your journey to motherhood,

Opening the Gateway £222

You are the portal, the gateway to conception.

What needs to happen for you to feel this, believe it?

Myself and fellow spirit baby medium Alison Shaloe were guided to go on a sacred sites tour to Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury in the UK where we received beautiful and ancient insights and rituals, downloaded powerful meditations and fertility codes to transform your journey to motherhood, reconnect with yourself and your future baby/s.

We’re so grateful and excited this is now available for you to journey into your deepest.

Remembering and reclaiming your ancient wisdom to open your gateway to conception.

  • Enjoy the reconnection with yourself and your conception energy within the Stonehenge meditation.
  • Heal the ancient mother wound and remember the celebration of fertility rites and honouring of the woman and mother earth with the Avebury meditation.
  • Receive a beautiful womb healing and blessing with the Divine Mothers and the Rose
  • Connect with your partner, your own Divine Masculine or the energy of the masculine you are creating with and meet your spirit baby in the vortex of love and honour.
  • Alone or with your partner journey to your pre-conception time to reveal insights and allow healing on any beliefs or fears around being born that may be creating a fear of conceiving and meet your baby self in the womb.
  • With a partner, supportive family or friends, experience the ceremony known as Closing the Bones, honouring your previous lives as a mother and closing any Karma, vows or contracts. (Also available as a meditation)
  • Read about the old rituals downloaded from the stones, receive water blessings from the pure waters of Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, messages from Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, the rose and spirit baby.
  • Feel the transmission of love through this gateway to support you in remembering your truth, power and connection.


This truly is a unique and powerful experience that will transform your conception energy and how you feel about yourself and your journey to motherhood and I am so proud that this is all here for you.

Times are changing and the way we conceive and birth are changing.

Why this program?

Working with energy and spirit baby the pieces of the puzzle are not usually linear.

In February of this year spirit baby showed me that by honouring previous lifetimes as a mother, releasing past wounds and karma, is an important aspect for women wishing to become mothers in this lifetime.

I knew this was the ancient ceremony called ‘Closing the bones’ and my midwife friend and fellow spirit baby communicator Alison Shaloe was the one to offer this.

Then I was ‘told’ to go to Stonehenge to run a fertility retreat. How is that possible I thought and dismissed the idea.

Separately, Alison was guided to go to Glastonbury and whilst there spirit baby showed her how the energy of the Chalice Well Gardens would support women in their conception. She also received a vision of Avebury as a womb.

The next piece of the puzzle was when spirit baby showed me a portal opening and said this was a conception portal and I was to open the gateway to conception for many women.

And so this retreat and container of love, honour, healing and beauty was born.

Alison and I travelled to each of the sacred sites, receiving the insights and energetic codes and meditations as we went. A real but also unreal experience that is hard to put into words.

We are so honoured to have now brought through these energies, healings and wisdom for you to look afresh at yourself and your journey to motherhood.

Reconnect with yourself, your baby and your partner or the masculine energy you are co-creating with.

Message from Avebury Stones

Don’t’ focus on what you don’t have, celebrate what you are creating.

Message from spirit baby received at Chalice Well

Many of the children will need their mothers to be ready to support the psychic children of the future for there are many.

When there is more conscious conception and communication with us things will begin to be brought back into balance and you will see the changes: that there is indeed more of heaven down on Earth.

We would love you to step into the frequency of this space and remember yourself as the gateway, portal to creation and birth.

For those joining the program in the first month, Alison and myself invite you to join us  for a live healing and discussion in September to further support you.  Date tbc.

Debra is healer, channel, spirit baby medium and author of Rosa’s Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother. A Journey into the World of Spirit Baby and how we can build a New Earth, together.

Alison is a midwife, spirit baby medium, reiki healer and author of soon to be published book – Baby Talk to me: Spirit baby messages for the journey to motherhood.