Healing and Channelling


Take the right program at the right stage of your Life

Journeys to Motherhood Programs

Baby loss

Pregnancy after loss

Each offer and package is unique to your needs.

A minimum of 3 sessions are recommended for deeper healing and connection.

During our time together you will transform your perspective and how you feel about your experience.

You will know that you and your baby in spirit remain connected. You will gain a deeper understanding of the ‘why’.

Feel more at peace and in your knowing and confidence for your future pregnancies.

Baby loss

Birth Trauma

Every woman is unique and brings her own unique life experience and so it is difficult to say how many sessions may be required.

You will feel very differently, more whole and empowered and able to move through any traumatic birth experience after just one session.

However, there may be more to explore in further sessions. All packages are based on your specific needs.

Baby loss

New Beginnings – Sacred Conception

Clearing the way to awaken yourself, awaken your fertility and awaken your connection with your baby in waiting.

Soul Plan Reading, channelled message and Soul Plan alignment.

Setting the scene and opening up the space for you and your baby/s. Intention setting and energetic healing to lay the foundations of our time together, including beliefs, soul fragment retrieval, cord-cutting and healing the broken heart.
And more…

Soul Plan Programs

Baby loss

Soul Plan for Life

✔ How would you feel if you knew you had a secret road map to life – and you found yours?

✔ What would you be doing differently if you knew your life purpose?

✔ Can you imagine living without anxiety and confusion and instead with the self-belief that comes from knowing who you are, what you’re here for and your full potential?

✔ How powerful would you feel if you understood and could turn around life’s challenges?

✔ If you were aware of your natural gifts and talents – what would you be doing differently?

Baby loss

Mini Soul Plan Reading

✔ What if you chose the business name that was most aligned with you and unconsciously attracted your ideal clients?

✔ A Business Soul Plan Reading is for you if you are setting up your new business and are finding it hard to come up with or decide on a name.

✔ If you’re business isn’t going as well as you’d hoped.

✔ If you are looking to re-brand or offer new services.

And more…..

Baby loss

Soul Plan Personal Channelled Guidance

✔ Is there a particular situation or event that is going on in your life that you would like a higher perspective on?

✔ Would you like to receive messages of wisdom from the higher realms?

✔ Are you in need of a message of love and truth about your truth – who you are and what you are here for or what is going on for you?

✔ Would you like the opportunity to talk through your spiritual journey so far and your next steps forward?