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Rosa’s Choice

Healing the Wounds of the Mother

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About The Book

Rosa’s Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother. A journey into the world of the spirit baby and how we can build a New Earth, together, offers a fascinating behind the scenes picture into life before life.

It reveals the choices made by spirit babies, why they choose not to come just yet, why they choose not to stay. Why your journey to motherhood is part of your soul healing journey.

The book also reveals how there is a wave of new souls here and waiting to arrive, who together with their parents and life guides, are playing a much bigger role in building a New Earth.

This book is therefore not only for women on their journey to motherhood, but for all those whose role it is to support them, their babies and Mother Earth herself.

It brings the spiritual and practical together with messages from the spirit baby realm and Divine Masters on the energy of creation and the imbalance between the feminine and masculine. It also examines very practically the various thought patterns and beliefs that effect the way we see, feel and experience life, including the journey to motherhood, and how to transform them.

It is essentially three books in one with each part awakening and opening you up ever deeper into the truth and magnificence of who you are and the role you’re here to play.

In my eyes Rosa is my baby soul in spirit, who I said a heart-breaking hello and goodbye to on 5th December 2010, in a life-changing moment of choice. I had no idea at the time, in my sense of unworthiness, victimhood and grief, that she was so much more than that. That I was so much more than that.

Our story I hope will open your hearts and minds to the full glory of this life on earth and what it means for each and every one of us, on an individual, collective and spiritual level.

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About the author

Debra is an energy healer, intuitive guide, baby spirit communicator and channel for Spirit.

Her  calling is to support mums and mums in waiting on their  journeys to motherhood. To help you connect more deeply with yourselves, your babies here, and in spirit.

And to help women ‘birth’ more of themselves, reawakening ancient codes of wisdom and New Earth.

Following the loss of four of her babies, of which there was no obvious physical or medical reason, she started on her own quest to find answers. Why me? Why didn’t they stay? What had I done wrong? How on earth was I going to ever feel better? And my big question – was there another little Soul out there for me.

Debra is a qualified Spiritual Counsellor, EFT (tapping), Matrix and Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Advanced Theta Healer and Advanced Soul Plan Reader. Been practicing energy healing since 2010.

She is a member of the HHC – Holistic Healing College, EFTMRA association and Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge

Debra Kilby