Healing and Channelling

A new dawn is upon us. Mother earth needs us, needs you, to begin to see yourself and the world in a different way, a more loving and connected way. The earth is calling your baby/s to her in order to literally bring heaven down to earth; to create beautiful transformation in the way the world works, how we treat ourselves, each other and the earth.
Are you hearing her call to step up and be the One who is able to hold their light? Do you feel deep down that your baby is one of the waves of new souls waiting to be born? To invite, carry, birth and love them into being? The children of the New Earth are waiting.

It may feel like you’ve been waiting for them for far too long, so long you may have given up hope. I’ve been called by these souls to ask you to hold on. Hold onto your faith, hope and knowing that your baby is with you. Your baby is coming. What’s in the way of you believing this?

If you feel you’ve tried everything and wonder what on earth else you have to do, this program is unique in the Divine Mother energy that guides it. It’s a program that has been offered to me from The Divine Mothers to share. If you hear their call and the call of your babies please do click here to talk to me further and gain clarity on your next steps.

This space is for a maximum of ten women only who feel this is for them and I’m opening up my diary to chat with those of you who feel called to ensure it’s the right space for you. The value of the course is £3,000 but will be running at just less than half price for the first time it’s open.

This beautifully, powerful space is for you if you feel that any struggle to become a mum is because there’s a bigger picture behind it all.

If you feel there’s something more going on beyond the pain you’re experiencing, this transformational space is for you.

If you have already opened up to the possibility of healing, this loving space is for you.

Is it possible your baby is a child of the New Earth?

Is it possible that your challenging journey to motherhood is calling you to explore all the emotions and terrible stories you’re telling yourself so you can release or transform them; clear the way and space within you, raise your energetic vibration and sense of self-love and self-belief and truly feel free to know and express who you are? And through grace, meet and hold the high vibration of your New Earth baby who has already chosen you?

Click here for a clarity call with me to find out what step your intuition is nudging you towards.

For a new dawn to be conceived and birthed, there has to be a new way of conceiving and birthing.

Their very arrival into this world has to be of the light. We can no longer assume that the pushing and trying, the control of the when and the how and the handing over of creation to the medical is the way forward any more. This is a new dawn and it requires a new way.

If you have or are going through medical treatments such as IVF or egg donation, please know it’s in spite of the medical and not because of it that your baby will arrive. You may need assistance but it’s you, as the loving, powerful portal between heaven and earth that allows them to come in.

Meeting your baby is more than a physical act. Give yourself the gift in investing in yourself this time round.

Through this deep and beautifully healing 3 month programme, you will receive the undivided attention of myself as your guide to your inner knowing and Divine Feminine power of creation. This is an intimate space for no more than 10 women. You will receive seven personal 90 minute healing sessions with me at times to suit you, alongside seven group calls which will be at set times within the 3 months.

Within this sacred space you will be held in the energies of the New Earth, those of unconditional love, compassion, support, freedom and playfulness. This is overseen by the energy of the Divine Mother, for which I am a conduit, and your precious baby souls, who you will connect with and begin to communicate with, if you aren’t already.

Within your private calls with me, your unique soul’s plan will be revealed to you. Painful memories, past hurts, traumas, negative beliefs and fears around becoming pregnant will be explored, understood and released. Wounds from previous IFV cycles, miscarriage and termination healed.

Together with additional healing through the group calls, the intention of this programme is to move you from a place of confusion, heartbreak, frustration, helplessness, guilt, bitterness, and feeling like the world is against you, to a deeper understanding and connection with yourself and your future baby. To a place of self-belief, peace of mind, body, personal freedom and confidence.

Your journey to motherhood is not a separate aspect of your life, it is you, it is your soul’s journey. In this space you’ll find out why. You’ll realise and rise into the magnificent woman you are and not the woman you’ve been told you are or should be. You’ll begin to hear your own voice and truth and trust your intuition.

We carry so much in our sub-conscious mind, beliefs, emotions and experiences we’ve buried that we don’t even know are hidden there, which is affecting how you feel about yourself. It’s not your challenging journey to motherhood which has led to you feeling the way you are, they were already there, from this lifetime, past or through your ancestral line. Your wish to become a mum has simply brought them to the surface so you can see them, and once you do and once you understand why, from that point on – all of life can change.

I’ll guide you to insight and clearing of any past or ancestral energy that is pushing on you. Together we’ll release any wounds from your relationship with your own mother, heal your birth story and childhood memories that may be holding you back from feeling safe, from trusting yourself to be a good mum, or trusting your own child will be safe in their experiences. Whether you are aware of these underlying beliefs and fears or not, if they’re there, it’s time to call them out so they can be transformed. When you do, you transform your life and how you experience it.

Click here for a clarity call with me to find out what step your intuition is nudging you towards.

Are you a new earth mum? Do you feel called to raise and guide a high vibration baby?

If so, book here. Payment plans available.

Or click here for a clarity call on what your next steps your intuition is guiding you to.

The programme opens on Friday 4th September when we’ll have our first group opening call to create the space, set intentions and invite in your guides and your spirit babies.

Every 10 days we’ll gather together for group healing on the following themes. These will include chat, card readings and in the moment channelled meditations.

  • From Shame to self-love
  • From Fear to freedom
  • From jealousy to self-belief
  • From grief to compassion
  • From betrayal to gratitude
  • From sad to playful
  • From helplessness to empowerment

There may be additional calls or tools along the way depending on what comes up individually and collectively.

Your seven private sessions with me will include:

  • A Soul Plan Reading, life before life insights – what happened in a previous life that may be impacting you now. A channelled message on your soul’s plan. You’ll discover what choices you made on soul level for this lifetime, including challenges to move through, your natural gifts and talents, your goals and your life purpose energy.
  • A soul plan healing and alignment
  • Healing your own womb and birth story
  • A womb healing
  • Energy reading and healing sessions on your unique story addressing what is most present and impacting your life now.

If you have already had a Soul Plan Reading with me, we will discuss what type of healing experience is best in exchange this session. This may include a personal channelled message and unique healing with myself or one of my trusted fellow healers if that feels right.

The group space will be open from 4 September until 5 December. You can book your private sessions with me at times that suit you any time within 6 months.

This programme is complementary to any other healing or fertility treatments. It is a space that supports you through all stages of your conception journey and if you become pregnant before or during the time we’re together.

Simply the intention to invest in and show up for yourself is hugely powerful, intention creates change.

Spirit Baby Meditation

35 minute healing meditation will bring you a sense of peace and relaxation as you travel to the spirit baby realm to meet your baby in spirit. 

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