Healing and Channelling

Messages from spirit

Higher wisdom to guide your life choices

✔ Is there a particular situation or event that is going on in your life that you would like a higher perspective on? 

✔ Would you like to receive messages of wisdom from the higher realms? 

✔ Are you in need of a message of love and truth about your truth – who you are and what you are here for or what is going on for you? 

✔ Would you like the opportunity to talk through your spiritual journey so far and your next steps forward?

We don’t need to and nor are we meant to have to figure out life and how it works all by ourselves. If we choose to, we have access to the truth and wisdom of Source energy and light beings in the higher realms to help, support and guide us.

I’ve discovered through my own spiritual journey that my Divine Soul Gift is communication. I channel the wisdom of Source energy, Creator, God, however you choose to see this pure energy of unconditional love, in order for you to gain a deeper understanding of what is going on for you and in your life. 

Receiving a channeled message helps you to look at you, your life and life in general from the higher perspective; like looking down on your life from a mountain top and the all round view that offers, rather than from the more limited perspective of being down in the valley when you can only see a one way track and a short distance ahead.

During a session with me, it is also possible to channel wisdom from my own guides, including Gaia, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Isis and Metatron – as well as your guides.

As a baby spirit communicator, my deepest wish is to pass on messages of love and guide and empower mums to communicate and connect with their babies or future babies in spirit.


“Your mind will only ever tell where you have been before and not where you are going.” (Channelled from Source.)


Here to help you transform your life

Hi, I’m Debra and I’m an energy healer, intuitive guide and channel for Spirit.

My greatest passion is helping people to find the answer to their ‘Why’. Why me? Why not me? Why did that happen? Why do I feel like this? Why am I not happy? And ultimately – Why am I here?

My mission if you like is to guide people to a deeper understanding of themselves and their life, help them release and find resolution to past traumas and challenging experiences to transform their life and feel free to step into the very best version of themselves.

Life can throw many surprises our way, some good, some tragic. It is often those big events such as childbirth trauma or fertility struggles, loss, or a health issue that can totally throw us off course.

Trust me, I know! But it was in fact a series of traumatic moments that kicked me into a new way of being and living, a much brighter way.

And this is my wish for you. To know at your very core that you are not stuck; help you move through any challenges and empower you to transform and create the life you desire.

One of the ways in which I do this is to offer a service of a one hour spiritual coaching session with a channeled message either on a specific issue or a general reading on what spirit wish for you to know at that moment.

I am a qualified Holistic Counsellor, EFT (tapping), Matrix and Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Advanced Theta Healer and Advanced Soul Plan Reader. I have been practising energy healing since 2010. I am a member of the HHC – Holistic Healing College, EFTMRA association and Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge.

What people are saying…

“I was very drawn to Debra because I recognised the beautiful warmth of her. I was stuck in a place where I recognised certain patterns in my life, but couldn’t seem to get the whole picture. I asked Debra for a soul plan reading, and boy did it make sense!”


“It’s like getting the most magical and inspirational information direct from our Creator! It helps make sense of this wonderful journey we are on, and most importantly, it’s given me the motivation and fearlessness to BE all that I came here to BE.”


“Thank you Debra, you are an awesome soul that will do great things in the world!! Can’t wait to read everything and take it in further.”


Receive guidance now…

Messages from spirit

Higher wisdom to guide your life choices

Channeled message and spiritual coaching session


Channeled message and 90 minute spiritual counselling.


The reading takes a few days to prepare so please book a minimum of 3 days before your appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a channeled message?

A channeled message is one where the channel connects to pure Source energy – a very high vibration of light – in order to bring through higher truths and wisdom with love.

I mostly channel through expanding my consciousness and connecting in to Source energy to bring through a message in written form which I then type up in its pure form and share with you as part of a spiritual coaching session. 

We all channel information every day, the inspiration we receive for ideas or projects, or knowing who is on the other end of the phone or sensing an atmosphere at work or a party. We all have the potential to connect with our guides and receive guidance. 

Part of my joy is to enable you to realise this gift for your self in order to increase your intuition and allow your life to flow with more grace and ease.

Why would I work with you?

To act as a guide, channel and healer is part of my own Soul Plan. It has taken me some time to realise and accept this and I know how both challenging and completely magical and mindblowing this journey can be. I aim not to take life too seriously, to be in wonder and to be open to all possibilities. In particular I see your light. My greatest wish is that you too see your light and believe in yourself. I hold the space of belief and possibility for you until you are able to see and feel this for yourself.

When can I take the sessions?

This is planned to be a 12-week program and I advise that there is an integration week with email support in between each healing session. The sessions will be booked through this link (tbc) at the time of signing up. However, as we all know life can get in the way so there is of course some flexibility in when the sessions are taken.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. You can split payment into 3 parts of £327. Other arrangements can also be made to suit where you are right now so please ask.

Do I have to be spiritual to sign up to the programme?

Everyone is spiritual! If you’re interested in this programme, you are ready. The most important thing is to be open and ready for the transformation this will bring you. Are you ready to step up?

What is my role in the process?

I fully believe that if I show up, you show up, then the energy shifts and moves for magic to happen. Your role is to be open for transformation.

Do I need to be on Facebook or Skype

All sessions take place on Skype or FB messenger or Zoom if you wish the sessions to be recorded – unless you live in London when we can meet in person.