Life Spark

A magical journey of Self discovery to transform your life.

  • How would you feel if you knew you had a secret road map to life – and you found yours?
  • What would you be doing differently if you knew your life purpose?
  • Can you imagine living without anxiety and confusion and instead with the self-belief that comes from knowing who you are, what you’re here for and your  full potential?
  • How powerful would you feel if you understood and could turn around life’s challenges?
  • If you were aware of your natural gifts and talents – what would you be doing differently?

Finding you…

Uncover the blocks, patterns and hidden beliefs that are holding you back from stepping fully into life?

Heal and rise through the limitations and reveal and embrace your natural gifts and talents.

Are you ready to step into the very best version of yourself and create the life you came here to live?

“Sit still in the waters of yourself, where you will the find the place where I abide. Sit still in the waters of your life so you can find the place where I reside.
Sit still in your life as it currently runs and find the place where your waters abide. Sit still in the life that is all around so you can find your place, the place you abide.”

Channelled from Source energy

Maybe you’ve been on this self-development journey for a while now or perhaps you’ve just started. But you have a deep sense that you are meant to be doing something big in this lifetime, or at the very least something more than what you are currently doing, you just can’t quite put your finger on it. There seems to be so many layers to lift off and yet despite the clearing of old patterns and beliefs, sometimes you feel no further forward in actually having clarity on your purpose, let alone unlocking your true potential.

This programme is for you if you feel you have gone so far with your own self-development and healing but are feeling stuck with your next steps, unclear as to where you are heading, or why.

This six step process will give the clarity you are looking for. It will provide you with a deep knowing of who you are, where you fit in the infinite jigsaw of life, and what your soul wishes to experience and achieve in this lifetime, so you can speed up your growth and fully step into the flow and the magic that this alignment brings.

Step 1

Discovering your Soul Plan, discovering you
A Soul Plan Reading is the first step into fully living the life your Soul chose to experience. The process involves three hours of preparation by myself followed by a powerful 90 minute Soul Plan Reading. The reading gives you a deeper understanding of the experiences you’ve had so far, or are having.

It uncovers any limiting beliefs and patterns, helps you discover and embrace your natural talents and gifts, identify your goals in both a worldly and spiritual sense and know your true soul purpose – the reason you chose to be here at this time.

What you will receive
During the Reading you will receive insight into the energy of your Soul from the ‘planning room’ before you arrived in to your physical body. Were you excited, nervous, did you choose or were you asked? I am taken up into the planning room before a reading to give you a sense of your Soul before you arrived. You will also receive a channelled message giving you clarity of your higher self’s choices; revealing your highest potential in this lifetime. It identifies where healing is required and provides you with a deep knowing of what your inner most self wishes to experience, achieve and how your Soul wishes to show up in this lifetime.

In a second one hour session, you will then receive a Soul Plan healing and alignment with your plan. This is a journey into any aspect of your Soul that is ready to be transformed so you can take those next steps into life without any blocks or barriers from other lifetimes or this one. You will receive a powerful healing before being aligned with your original Soul Plan blueprint and this healing integrated at DNA level. 

The benefits
The Soul Plan Reading will have you feeling clearer about who you are, your full potential and capabilities, opening up a clearer path for you to live your life purpose. You will feel empowered and ready to live the life you know deep down you deserve to have and a greater sense of release and freedom. You will feel free from any anxiety and gain a powerful sense of self-belief and confidence.

Step 2

Implementing your Soul Plan
Here, we set the foundations for you to fully step into your Soul’s plan and clear the pathway to you living your Soul’s full potential. This involves a stepped approach.

What you will receive
Following on from the reading, the next step of this process is a 90-minute session where we lay the foundations for your transformation over the next 3 months. This includes intention setting, and clearing your energy which may involve Soul Retrieval, Cord Cutting, womb blessing, a deep healing and connection from Mother Earth and will also introduce you to your guides. We will explore which areas of life you most wish to focus on. We look at any limiting beliefs and blocks revealed in the Soul Plan. These will be cleared and transformed using various energy healing techniques.

The benefits
You will learn various self-healing energy tools to empower you and feel clear in your daily life. This session will focus on where you are now, where you wish to be, identifying and then clearing what is holding you back from getting there on any level, in whatever form and in any way. And you gain a deeper connection with yourself.

Step 3

Clearing the way
The next step looks at you stepping into your life purpose.

What you will receive
During these two seperate 60-minute sessions, we look at you as a unique Soul, neutralising and balancing any areas of your life that are needing to be transformed.

This varies from health, career, money or relationships for example, and also fertility. I have been told from my spirit guides that for women experiencing difficulties in conceiving, first understanding herself and her path more fully, will help reassure her future baby that she understands they are also a unique Soul with a unique path and mission. It is during these sessions that you draw even closer to the true knowing of who you are and the possibilities available to you.

The benefits
You will feel more confident, more assured, more free, as your vibration has been raised, a particular trauma or situation resolved and you will start to gain a deeper connection with your Soul and yourself.

Step 4

Clarity on your Soul’s desires
You are now ready for manifesting great things in your life – your Soul’s desires. Through connecting with the power and truth of your Soul’s desires, you are in a place to manifest.

To align with the law of attraction, synchronicities and abundance. Positive thoughts, positive energy, positive beliefs.

What you will receive
This step consists of a one hour session where we create a manifesting formula so that you can be aligned to your Soul’s desires so they can come into physical form in your life.

The benefits
This is where you start to feel excited, positive and have a greater self-belief.

Step 5

Manifest your Soul’s desires
A week later we spend 90 minutes together where we will manifest your desires through each of the chakras, uncovering any hidden blocks buried away in your energy centres so that your desires can flow naturally and you can start to witness your hearts desires more quickly.

Step 6

Integrating your Soul Plan
The final step is a one hour check-in and accountability session. It will take place 2 weeks after the manifesting session and we will follow up on any action points. There will be an integration and feeling in further to the work we have done in this Soul Plan programme.

It’s been quite a journey over the last seven years for me, from quite an abrupt awakening following a heartbreaking event to coming to a place of understanding and gratitude for all my experiences and wonder about all the world has to offer.

The Universe really, truly does have our back and within us all is the light and the key to fully being in the flow of this life we have chosen.

My own Soul Plan Reading a few years ago and then training with the creator of Soul Plan Blue Marsden, alongside so many other modalities, truly changed my life. But I wondered recently did it really need to take so long to get where I am? Sometimes it felt like a relentless journey of one step forward and two steps back. And admittedly it still feels like that sometimes as we are constantly growing, constantly revealing more and more layers and our bigger picture and mission, but thankfully the steps are getting much bigger and I take far less steps back.

My own Soul Plan Reading, which was incredible, felt like I’d been taken in a boat and shown a beautiful Island of what could be, but I wasn’t allowed to get off the boat and have a good look around this Island, let alone make it my home. Instead I was taken back to shore and left on the beach gazing longingly at what is possible but without all the steps and support to allow me to actually start living on this Island.

And so recently, with many, many Soul Plan Readings for people under my belt and developing my channelling skills, I was able to ask Source what next. What do people need and how can I make this process easier for them.

And so this programme came through, utilising all of my gifts and experiences to create something very unique, special and bespoke to suit each unique soul.

To live your Soul purpose and be in flow, we need to be aligned with our thoughts (mind), feelings (heart/soul) and actions.

What holds many of us back in believing in ourselves and feeling fully in the flow of life is lack of clarity on who we are and what we are here for. This is where you re-write your story.

Your self-belief, knowing who you are, what your purpose is and how you wish your life to be, far outweighs any doubt, procrastination and lack of encouragement from others.

Find the clarity you seek and step confidently and fully onto your path.

Digging out those patterns and limiting beliefs that are buried deep in our subconscious can make you feel like there is no end to the clearing – when is it time for the creating!

The time for creating is now. We are all a constant work in progress but we are also always creating – now is the time to start creating the good stuff, alongside the revealing and transforming of some of those key pesky patterns and beliefs.

Gaining clarity on your soul’s desires, clearing the fears and beliefs around those desires, loving the process and the journey to allow you to step up to the next level.

Learning tools that will empower you and enable you to feel confident that when another deeper block arises, or a life event hits, and when you’re ready to manifest something even bigger; this is the confidence you will gain from this programme.

Here to help you transform your life

Hi, I’m Debra and I’m an energy healer, intuitive guide and channel for Spirit.

My greatest passion is helping people to find the answer to their ‘Why’. Why me? Why not me? Why did that happen? Why do I feel like this? Why am I not happy? And ultimately – Why am I here?

My mission if you like is to guide people to a deeper understanding of themselves and their life, help them release and find resolution to past traumas and challenging experiences to transform their life and feel free to step into the very best version of themselves.

Life can throw many surprises our way, some good, some tragic. It is often those big events such as childbirth trauma or fertility struggles, loss, or a health issue that can totally throw us off course.

Trust me, I know! But it was in fact a series of traumatic moments that kicked me into a new way of being and living, a much brighter way.

And this is my wish for you. To know at your very core that you are not stuck; help you move through any challenges and empower you to transform and create the life you desire.

I am a qualified Holistic Counsellor, EFT (tapping), Matrix and Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Advanced Theta Healer and Advanced Soul Plan Reader. I have been practising energy healing since 2010. I am a member of the HHC – Holistic Healing College, EFTMRA association and Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge.

What people are saying…

Before I met Debra, I had tried many different therapies from NLP, reflexology, acupuncture and then meeting individual ‘counsellors’ or therapists. Whilst some of them worked very well as a temporary fix, I kept reverting back to this under lying feeling that I wasn’t being true to myself and that I was holding onto some pain which was manifesting in constant anxiety. I started to get a sense that I needed to be ‘healed’ although I had no idea what that actually meant, so turned to google! I found Debra’s page about a soul plan and whilst I didn’t actually understand what it was and my rationale side said it sounded odd and didn’t make sense! I decided to give it a go anyway.

I booked an initial consultation with Debra and immediately was blown away by how warm she was and how comfortable I felt. I was amazed at how she just seemed to get me and I was blown away by the Soul Plan and how true it was to me. From there I booked around 6 sessions with Debra, she is caring, kind and makes you feel at ease.

Fast forward to now. My life has completely changed since meeting Debra around 6 months ago. I quit my job after ten years (which was making me miserable) and I took three months off to travel and be and had already secured a fabulous new job, on a better salary, less hours and something completely related to my Soul Plan – which Debra helped uncover for me. I feel like a completely different person and couldn’t rate Debra highly enough. Go see her or have a skype chat, make up your own mind. She has helped me find my real potential and I feel like i’m just getting started on taking hold of life by the balls!!

Jo Little

“I had a soul plan reading with Debra on Friday. It was wonderful. I learned what my soul plan is and how I can be more aligned with that plan or purpose. The information I needed was channeled by Debra and was mind blowing.

Healing followed this which helped me to release a block to attaining complete alignment with my soul plan. Debra is so gifted and explains everything you need to know so clearly. Her work literally gets to the core of who you are and made me feel complete.

I would highly recommend having yours done. It could be what is missing from your life . Thank you Debra for taking me on such a wonderful journey.”

Olwen Jennings, Cosmic Coach, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master and Channel for spirit.

“I was very drawn to Debra because I recognised the beautiful warmth of her. I was stuck in a place where I recognised certain patterns in my life, but couldn’t seem to get the whole picture. I asked Debra for a soul plan reading, and boy did it make sense!

Every part that she showed me explained so much to me. It was a real light bulb moment. The ups and downs as to why certain things had played out in certain ways, which was all part of my learning. It was a true explanation of me!

It was a relief to finally have someone SEE me in all of my colours and explain the ups and downs.
She will RECOGNISE YOU. The you that you only see in the quiet moments, not the face that we put on for others. Yes we all have choice in life and it also showed me where I could maybe take a different viewpoint.
Since the reading I have been able to push forward with more confidence in who I am. She was able to show me the beauty of my work, and also maybe that it didn’t have to be so grand. There is a beauty in the mundane and I am so grateful that she reminded me of this.

I have and would still highly recommend Debra Kilby as she has a wonderful gift in what she does. If you are thinking about it, definitely do it! You can only gain from Debra’s knowledge.”

Jenny Parris, angelic artist and healer
“A soul planning session with Debra is the kindest, most generous gift you could ever give yourself. What I didn’t realise at the time was the impact of knowing what I was born for, and how much support there was energetically for me to take shape. Debra is a wise, approachable and gentle guide and a gifted messenger. I intend to send all my friends and family in her direction!”

Lisa, Perth

“My Soul plan reading with Debra, was literally out of this world! I truly had the most magical reading. I wasn’t previously aware of how my feeling that ‘I don’t belong here’ effected me and was literally holding me back from moving forward with my business. But through the information I received during the reading, I now feel complete and full and connected to both worlds.

Much of my resistance to grounding myself to this earthly world we’re released, by the understanding of my Divine purpose, that I received from Debra. I KNOW I belong with God, but I understand why I’m here! So I might as well get grounded, get moving and simply BE what I came to BE!!!! It’s hard to find the words to express the freedom the reading has given me, the self realisation of what I’ve ALWAYS KNOWN.

My Soul Plan Reading was beautifully and authentically delivered by Debra. Even now when I think back to it, I feel so blissful and connected! I cannot recommend Debra highly enough, and strongly urge everyone to have a Soul Plan Reading – it’s like getting the most magical and inspirational information direct from our Creator! It helps make sense of this wonderful journey we are on, and most importantly, it’s given me the motivation and fearlessness to BE all that I came here to BE.”

Niamh, Mum and parenting expert

“I am over the moon, delighted, feeling more empowered than I have done in a long while. You may know the feeling – the one where you discover that the twists and turns in your Life are all part of the plan. What I call Permission to BE YOU, even when others think that maybe you should be something else, of doing things in a different way.

Debra is quite brilliant. Thorough, detailed and this Reading today tells me everything I wanted to know, needed to know – and more. I am deeply grateful for all I have learned about my SELF this morning, when I had been wondering for a while if I was fooling myself that I could heal this Cancer even, let alone accomplish my soul’s mission. Now, all doubt has been dispelled and I am ON MY PATH even in this time of crisis.

That, my dear Angelic tribe, is the biggest gift of EMPOWERMENT I’ve had in a long while. Magical Blessings to Debra for bringing her Gifts to the world through this forum.”


“So I had my soul plan reading with Debra Kilby last night and I have never been so blown away! If any of you haven’t booked in with her yet YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!! She is amazing and far too gracious to tell you that herself. I feel like my life and purpose make complete sense today. It complements this programme beautifully as we have all begun our journeys of self discovery! Thank you Debra, you are an awesome soul that will do great things in the world!! Can’t wait to read everything and take it in further.”

Carly, Jersey

Find the real you…

Imagine finally knowing what your Soul desires? If you knew exactly who you are and what you came into this world to experience – how would that change your approach to life? Your perception of your experiences? Your next steps?

Soul Plan Reading


Soul Plan Reading, insight into your Soul’s choices from the ‘planning room’, your life before life. Your challenges, gifts and goals, as well as your life purpose. You also receive a channelled message from your life before life and a channelled message on living life from your highest potential – your life purpose.

90-minute session

Soul Plan Reading Package


Two times two hour sessions. Session one is your Soul Plan Reading, insight into your Soul’s choices from the ‘planning room’ before you arrive. A channelled message on your highest potential life purpose. Session 2 is your Soul Plan healing and alignment where we travel back to life before life and clear any past and current blocks to aligning you with your Soul Plan in this lifetime.


The reading takes a few days to prepare and consists of two sessions of 2 hours.

Soul Plan Reading Journey


Identifying blocks and fears holding you back from stepping fully on to your soul path and clearing and healing session.
90-minute session.


Soul Plan Reading, insight into your Soul’s choices from the ‘planning room’, your life before life. Your challenges, gifts and goals, as well as your life purpose. You also receive a channelled message from your life before life and a channelled message on living life from your highest potential – your life purpose.


Soul Plan alignment.The reading takes a few days to prepare and consists of a two hour Soul Plan Reading session.


Soul Plan healing and alignment when we travel back to your life before life and to the root of any experience blocking you from living your life at your highest potential. Clearing, healing and alignment.
Two hour session.


Email and online contact, for questions, guidance and support.

Soul Plan Journey To Becoming


Soul Plan Reading, insight into your Soul’s choices from the ‘planning room’ before you arrive. A channelled message on your highest potential life purpose and Soul Plan alignment.


The reading takes a few days to prepare and consists of a  two hour Soul Plan Reading session followed by a two hour healing and alignment session within this programme


Setting the energetic Foundations of our time together. Where you are now, where you’d like to be. includes: setting intentions, clearing beliefs and downloading new ones, Soul fragment retrieval, cord-cutting if necessary, chakra balancing, opening up the space and welcoming in guides.
90-minute session.


Identifying blocks and fears holding you back from stepping fully on to your soul path and clearing and healing session.
90-minute session.


Continuing to clear any blocks and fears holding you back from being the very best version of yourself.
90-minute session.


Getting clear on what you wish to manifest.
60-minute session.


Identifying and clearing anything holding you back from living the life you desire.
90-minute session.


Manifesting through the chakras.
90-minute session.


12-week check in session.
30-minute session.


Bonus 1
Fortnightly email support, total of five opportunities for questions, guidance and support.


Bonus 2
Channelled message of guidance as you move through the programme.


Bonus 3
Suggestions on affirmations, mantras and tarot card reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Soul Plan Reading?
A Soul Plan Reading can be described as reading the DNA of your Soul. Your name provides a secret code to reveal your Soul purpose, the spark, the inner light, your true self, so, if you choose to, you can live your life in full alignment of what you are here for.

It highlights your natural talents, allowing you to fully recognise and embrace your strengths. It offers an explanation of life challenges to help you understand them more deeply and move through them.

Through a reading, you will gain a greater and clearer sense of what you want to do and what will help you get there. It will provide a context for the life you have experienced so far and help you bring your own unique ability and potential to the fore. In a more spiritual sense, the healing aspect of a reading helps heal and accelerate your growth as a person.

Soul Plan is a new interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis, channelled by Hay House Author Blue Marsden over a ten-year period. This truly empowering method accesses the vibration in your birth name to determine your entire ‘Soul Plan’.

Why would I work with you?
To act as a guide, channel and healer is part of my own Soul Plan. It has taken me some time to realise and accept this and I know how both challenging and completely magical and mindblowing this journey can be. I aim not to take life too seriously, to be in wonder and to be open to all possibilities. In particular I see your light. My greatest wish is that you too see your light and believe in yourself. I hold the space of belief and possibility for you until you are able to see and feel this for yourself.
When can I take the sessions?
This is planned to be a 12-week program and I advise that there is an integration week with email support in between each healing session. The sessions will be booked through this link (tbc) at the time of signing up. However, as we all know life can get in the way so there is of course some flexibility in when the sessions are taken.
Is there a payment plan?
Yes. You can split payment into 3 parts of £327. Other arrangements can also be made to suit where you are right now so please ask.
Do I have to be spiritual to sign up to the programme?
Everyone is spiritual! If you’re interested in this programme, you are ready. The most important thing is to be open and ready for the transformation this will bring you. Are you ready to step up?
What is my role in the process?
I fully believe that if I show up, you show up, then the energy shifts and moves for magic to happen. Your role is to be open for transformation.
Do I need to be on Facebook or Skype
All sessions take place on Skype or FB messenger or Zoom if you wish the sessions to be recorded – unless you live in London when we can meet in person.