Healing and Channelling

If you could communicate with your baby – how would you feel?

What would you like to share with them and hear from them?

And why is this important to you or for them?

What do you need to know and why?

Have you ever wondered where they are, who they are, what your relationship is with them and what journey you’re on together?

Whether you believe it’s possible or not, if you feel drawn to finding out how you may do this for yourself or to help others connect with their babies, we’ll be building this programme together so you can receive the most out of it.

Who is this for?


This is for women wishing to conceive, women who have experienced loss, women who are pregnant, doulas and midwives who are wishing to support their clients on a deeper level.

As a channel, healer and spirit baby medium, one of my roles is to support women to meet their unborn babies in spirit and physically.

Another of my roles is to empower women to know that they’re more than they’ve ever been told, release trauma and past hurts that make them feel they can’t, unworthy, not good enough and support them in re-birthing themselves and all the gifts they hold.

It’s more important than ever to remember who you are, your gifts and power to connect more deeply with yourself, others and nature – and your unborn babies hold a wealth of love and wisdom they wish to share with you to support you.

I’m always being asked to ‘teach’ people how to communicate with spirit babies.

I’ve always said no because I believe it’s not something you teach, it’s a journey to remembering.

A journey of clearing the doubt and beliefs that have cut you off from your intuition and your gifts. You can do this, it’s your innate gift and there’s no reason why you can’t also reach out and meet spirit babies.

Over a 5 week period we will meet live once a week for an hour every Thursday evening at 6pm UK time from 4th November to 2nd December.

For those of you in Australia who wish to join and be a part of this co-creation we will meet on a Wednesday morning at 10am UK time – where we will experience:

Grounding and connection

Connecting in with those parts of you that dream of connecting with spirit babies and those parts of you that feel you won’t be able to.

Healing of old beliefs and traumas that inhibit this connection.

Boost your intuition and practice your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognisense, recognising that.

Begin noticing that the signs from the babies are everywhere in everything there is no set way and starting to recognise and interpret their meaning.

A voice and sound session to connect you with your soul song and that of your babies.

Creating the space to meet your baby and the spirit babies of others.

Rather than sit here recording meditations by myself, I thought it would be much more powerful to co-create this programme with you so we really receive and create what’s needed. The price for the completed course will come through when the course is complete.

But in the co-creating this will be an investment of your time – approximately 5 hours live and 5 hours home healing and remembering your gifts for £33.

If you’d like to start or go deeper with your spirit baby communication, I really look forward to seeing you here as we build this together, each of us empowering, supporting and guiding all of us to our truth and the truths of the spirit babies.

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