Healing and Channelling

What is EFT and Matrix Birth Reimprinting for birth trauma?

EFT and Matrix Birth Reimprinting for birth trauma, baby loss and fertility and conception struggles

This is a magical and simple technique that transforms your experience of giving birth, or your own birth experience, releasing trauma associated with conception, pregnancy and birth, including loss.

Using EFT, colour therapy and hypnotherapy techniques, you are gently and safely guided to a place where you access unconscious memories and beliefs as far back as your own experience in the womb or of giving birth, to gain a deeper understanding of both you, and your baby’s experience.

Being in this space will enable you to release any negative emotions and trauma and reimagine your birth story to create a more positive completion and resolution to the memory. Any healing and shifts in perspective about your experience also beautifully support your baby’s own healing.

Ultimately Matrix Birth Reimprinting changes how you see and what you feel about the world, leaving you with renewed energy, a new outlook on life and a more hopeful, loving and accepting way of being.

Matrix Birth Reimprinting is an ideal therapy to address any birth trauma, as well as support mums experiencing Post-Natal Depression, or for those mums who did not have the opportunity to hold their baby, through termination, miscarriage and loss.

Whatever your pregnancy or birth story, and no matter if this was six hours or sixty years ago, using Matrix Birth Reimprinting, it is never too late to reconnect and heal any difficult emotions and beliefs from birth, so you can truly embrace a fresh outlook, new energy and wellbeing. Through your own healing, your baby, will also be freed.


  • Unexplained infertility
  • Miscarriage
  • Termination
  • Traumatic birth
  • Bonding with your child
  • Post-natal depression
  • Anyone who themselves experienced a challenging time in the womb or during birth.