Healing and Channelling

What is EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique and is often known as tapping. It is a hugely powerful and simple therapy that switches off any stress and negative emotions arising from past or present upsetting events and is effective at addressing many, if not all, of life’s challenges.

It is essentially an emotional form of acupuncture where you use your fingers to tap on meridian points whilst addressing how you are feeling about a certain situation.

EFT is a combination of eastern and western traditional therapies. It follows the acupuncture/acupressure points of Chinese medicine and western modern psychology and counselling techniques.

It can be applied to address phobias, stress, addictions and weight loss as well as post-traumatic stress disorders, loss and chronic pain. It is fast becoming one of the leading natural therapies across the world.

This therapy is one of the safest and easiest to put into practice by yourself, and once the simple method is learnt you will be able to use EFT to heal many areas of your life yourself. I practice EFT in London in person and via skype across the world.

Matrix Reimprinting is a magical and simple tool that enables you to safely access any original traumatising events, which you may, or may not be, aware of. When in the Matrix you are able to safely and gently go back to an earlier, emotional or traumatised version of yourself to offer love, support and any resources needed to release the trauma and bring in new understanding, feelings and a sense of empowerment. EFT used together with Matrix Reimprinting is beautifully empowering and life-changing.

Using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting you are able to gently process and rewire your thoughts and feelings about an experience, enabling a sense of peace and resolution as well as seeing your world from a fresh perspective.

This magical and simple technique developed out of EFT by EFT Master Karl Dawson. It connects people with their past traumas and core beliefs. If you want to find out why you often don’t feel ‘good enough’, or perhaps you feel people don’t listen to you for example, this illuminating therapy enables you to resolve and transform such beliefs that are buried deep in our subconscious mind and stop us living the life we truly desire. The power of our belief systems is undoubtable. Our beliefs shape our thoughts, provide fuel for our emotional reactions and shape our reality.

If we can change our beliefs, well, we can change anything!  We have thousands of beliefs which we hold in our subconscious mind; many will be supportive, but we will also have formed beliefs from past events in our lives that can create a whole host of problems.


  • Stress and feeling overwhelmed
  • Emotional and physical pain
  • Fertility
  • Procrastination
  • Self-confidence
  • Emotional trauma and childhood trauma
  • Fears such as fear of public speaking, flying, insects or animals
  • Allergies
  • Relationship issues
  • Anger